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Woman’s secret to beauty and beauty—NMN

1. What is NMN?

NMN, short for Nicotinamide mononucleotide, has a molecular weight of 334.2192. It is an intrinsic substance in the human body and is abundant in some fruits and vegetables. In the human body, NMN is the precursor of NAD+, and its function is reflected by NAD+. The metabolism of NNM and NAD+ is linked.

2. What is the function of NMN?

(1) Reverse human aging

(2) Eliminate skin wrinkles

(3) Significantly improve cardiovascular system diseases

(4) Long-term use, prolong human life. In a word, NMN can significantly improve the chronic symptoms caused by aging in humans, and fight against aging fundamentally.

3. Why does NMN reverse aging?

NMN is the only by the three top international academic journals Science, Nature, Cell factor and demonstration research which has the function of reversing aging cells, can start the human body known all seven anti-aging protein, energy, comprehensive fight decline, is now known to Science, the most comprehensive, the most powerful cells fight decline factor, is considered to be most likely to control current aging of the material.

Is IT safe to take NMN?

NMN is safe to take and has no side effects. NMN is a natural substance found in the human body and is found in many foods. It is completely natural and harmless. Studies have confirmed that supplementation of NMN does not affect the activity of various enzymes in the synthetic pathway of supplementation, and oral ADMINISTRATION of NMN does not affect the activity of NAMPT, PARP, NMNAT, and other enzymes in the synthetic pathway of supplementation, which directly changes the level of NAD+ in vivo.

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