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Valerian Extract-A Powerful Sleep-Enhancing Drug That Can Help You Sleep Better

According to the World Health Organization, 27 percent of people have trouble sleeping. Sleep, as a necessary process of life, is an important link in the recovery, integration and consolidation of memory, and an indispensable component of health. Valerian extract has sedative, antispasmodic and analgesic effects. Because of its good sedative-hypnotic activity, it is widely used in the treatment of mild to moderate insomnia in Europe and America.

The sedative and hypnotic active components of  Valerian extract are mainly Valerian extract, Valerian extract, flavonoids and water-soluble amino acids. The main components of Valerian extract are bornyl acetate and Valerian acid, while the main components of  Valerian class are Valerian Triester, dihydrovalerian and Acetylvalerian. Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech Co., Ltd.. Professional production of Valerian extract, dedicated to the development of more efficient Valerian acid, Valerian and other products for 15 years, is a professional plant extract manufacturers:

In Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech Co., Ltd. . In the Valerian extract experiment, 60 mice were randomly divided into 6 groups, each group 10 mice were given Valerian extract by gavage to observe the activity of mice within 1 Min, 2 Min and 10 Min after administration, each dose of Valerian extract had obvious inhibitory effect on the spontaneous activity of mice, and the inhibitory effect was the most obvious after 10 minutes of administration. Most of the Valerian extracts in each dose group reduced the spontaneous activity of mice, and the effect intensity was related to the dose of the Valerian extract, it’s getting stronger.

Both doses of Valerian extract (450 and 900 mg) reduced sleep latency perception and wake-up time after falling asleep in home settings. Young, healthy subjects, one group (N = 10) slept at home, and the other Group (N = 8) slept in a sleep lab, where sleep quality was assessed on questionnaires, self-assessments, and nocturnal activity, there was no significant difference between high-dose Valerian extract and control group. The sleep latency and wake-up time after sleep, as well as the direction of changes in nocturnal activity, were consistent with the family-based study. The results showed that Valerian extract could exert a mild hypnotic effect.

Valerian extract has been used for centuries to improve sleep, and has even been listed as one of the more common herbaceous plant in the United States, Europe and other countries. According to the national survey, 1.1% (about 2 million) of the adult population in the United States used Valerian extract to help them sleep in the past week. In that sense, Valerian extract is a safe and effective choice for improving sleep. At present, sleep disorder has become one of the important problems that affect modern people’s health. It not only affects people’s mood, but also affects people’s immune system. It can cause various diseases such as cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, cancer, depression and sudden death, more than 90 percent of the people surveyed said they had trouble sleeping, with difficulty falling asleep, falling asleep, sleeping late and snoring becoming the top problems. Sleep problems bring “Secondary damage”, not only affect the face value, but also hollowed out the body. Not only affect the appearance of beauty, but also on the spirit, body, work, life and other aspects of a negative impact.

Valeriana Officinalis L. belongs to the perennial plant of the Valeriana family, with more than 250 species in Eurasia, South America, and central North America. Valerian extract was first used as a sedative in northern Europe in the mid-18th century. In 1966, Thies and Funke first isolated the triesters of Valeriana officinalis from Valeriana officinalis extract, which is also the first IRIDOID ester obtained. The most popular herb in the West for improving sleep is Valerian extract. Researchers such as Stephen Bent have shown that Valerian extracts improve sleep quality by aggregating results from 370 papers, 16 Randomized controlled trial, and 1,093 patients. Researchers have found that Valerian extracts promote the secretion of Gaba (Gaba) in the cerebral CORTEX, which regulates nerve cells, reduces anxiety and plays a calming role. This may be because we have neurotransmitter in the brain, a type of neurotransmitter that promotes sedation.

Valerian root extract contains valeric acid, terpenoids and other chemical active components with obvious activation of Gabaa receptor (Gaba a receptor) , which can effectively inhibit rapid eye movement sleep and low frequency waves, promote rapid sleep. Studies have shown that Valerian extract can also improve sleep by mediating the inhibition of Gaba enzyme disruption, thereby increasing the availability of Gaba.

In sleep aid academia, reducing the “Hangover”, looking for no hangover raw materials or herbal medicine is the researchers’favorite direction, which Valerian extract is very popular, relatively thorough study of an herb. In a randomized, controlled, double blind study of 102 male and female volunteers, German expert Kuhlmann j found that a single or repeated evening dose of 600 mg of Valerian extract had no negative effects on wake up time, Wakefulness, and post breakfast mental focus.

Valeriana Officinalis is widely distributed in almost all countries where soils are more acidic. Valerian extract has been used in traditional medicine for 2,000 years to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue, epilepsy, epilepsy, and depression. The main component of the medicinal Valerian extract is Valerian acid, which contains hydroxyl and acetone derivatives. Valerian acid has been shown to have anti-anxiety, sedative and sleep-inducing effects in animal studies and clinical trials. Valeric acid suppresses Gaba, caused by catabolism enzymes, in the brain, thus producing a sedative effect. Gaba is the most important brain inhibitory neurotransmitter and plays a key role in the regulation and function of central nervous system. The sedative effect of Valerian extract was promoted by Gabaa receptor Β3 subunit.

The GABRB3 gene belongs to the Ligand-gated Ion Channel family, which encodes the Beta 3 subunit of the GABAA receptor. GABRB3 is also a receptor for Diazepam and other narcotic drugs, known as phenobarbital. Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech Co. , Ltd. . , Ltd. . In laboratory studies, Valerian extracts affect the presynaptic components of gabaergic neurons, which affect the release of Gaba from synapses. Valerian extract also inhibits Gaba reuptake and catabolism by inhibiting Gaba. On this basis, Gabrb3 Mrna expression was significantly increased after Valeriana officinalis extract treatment. According to the Roller Test, Valerian extract and Diazepam have similar clinical sedative effect. Higher Doses of Valerian extract did not produce higher levels of Gabrb3 Mrna expression, nor did they produce a sedative effect.

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