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The vasculature protector of the Norsemen: European Bilberry Extract

In Lapland, Santa’s hometown, reindeers are often consumed with jam made of dark purple berries. According to locals, regular consumption of the berries keeps blood vessels in their youthful state. No wonder northern Europeans have a healthy physique, despite their love of cream and salt. This amazing berry is the Upcoming European cranberry.

European blueberry is a small deciduous shrub that grows in hilly moors and shrubs from central to northern Europe. Of the 450 known species of the genus Cranberry, European cranberries have been medically documented since the Middle Ages, and the plant has been systematically mentioned in all major herbal treatises since the 16th century. Many compounds belonging to different chemical functional groups, especially anthocyanins, isolated from European blueberry fruit have been widely recorded in the scientific literature.

Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that occur naturally in a variety of foods, but are most abundant in dark fruits, such as European blueberries.  European blueberry anthocyanins are composed of the 3-O-glucoside, galactoside or arabinoside corresponding to the five anthocyanins (cornflower, delphinidin, mallow, paeoniflorin, and petunian). Anthocyanins, which contain no glycosylates, should be considered as degradation products of anthocyanins.

Indena’s original label of “European huckleberry 25%\” referred to the amount of anthocyanin measured by ultraviolet light, which later became the globally accepted European standard for blueberry extract. However, the total anthocyanin content as a standard for the production or storage of European cranberry extract is not accurate, and the quality of the product cannot be accurately identified. Based on this, Indena developed a specific, undisputed analytical method for the identification and quantification of anthocyanin and anthocyanin in European cranberry extract. This method, based on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), defines the anthocyanin content in standardized European cranberry extract as 36% anthocyanin (glycoside compounds), a concentration equivalent to 25% of the total anthocyanin (glycoside elements) initially detected by UV method. Due to its high specificity, the HPLC method is suitable for the phytochemical analysis of European cranberry extract, and has become the standard reference method in the pharmacopeia of most Western countries.

Protecting Eyes

Most people probably first learned about the eye care benefits of the European blueberry through a legend. Royal Air Force pilots are said to have improved their night vision during World War II by eating European cranberry jam (made from European cranberry berries). While the truth of this story remains to be proven, anthocyanins have been scientifically proven to improve vision.

Anti-oxidant activity

Antioxidant activity The most characteristic components of European blueberry fruit are polyphenols, which belong to anthocyanins and procyanidins. Its strong antioxidant activity has a great promotion effect on protecting blood vessels. Many studies have reported that European blueberry anthocyanins are powerful scavengers of free radicals such as superoxide anions and other reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Vascular health

Its efficacy in vascular health has been validated by a number of clinical assessments, including more than 50 empirical studies, including at least 25 controlled or double-blind studies. The angioprotective effects of European blueberry anthocyanins are associated with reduced capillary permeability and increased capillary tolerance through a variety of mechanisms, including stimulation of mucosaccharide biosynthetic, inhibition of proteolytic enzymes related to the degradation of extracellular matrix components, and interaction with collagen metabolism. Among them, the stimulation of mucopolysaccharide synthesis is considered to be the key to vascular protection because mucopolysaccharides plays an important role in the physiological mechanism of perivascular tissues.

Effects on arteriolar vascular movement

Arteriole motor is a rhythmical change of the diameter of the small arteries in the microvascular network, which is used to regulate the formation process of the interstitial fluid. Indiana standardized 36% anthocyanin European cranberry extract has been shown to induce arteriolar movement and increase the frequency of movement, suggesting that European cranberry extract prevents or controls the formation of interstitial fluid and generally improves the distribution of blood flow in the microvascular network.

Currently, studies on the application of European blueberry extract are mainly in the fields of vascular health and eye health, but animal models and preliminary clinical studies show that anthocyanins have a broader clinical application prospect, including improving memory and cardiovascular health. In particular, recent clinical studies have shown its potential efficacy in regulating metabolic syndrome and blood glucose metabolism. European cranberry extract has been used as raw material of health food all over the world and has been authorized by KFDA as a functional food raw material in South Korea. As people’s awareness of European blueberry extract continues to deepen, it will bring more surprises to human health.

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