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The star ingredient in skin care – hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a kind of polysaccharide substance, more detailed classification, is mucopolysaccharide.  It is a polymer composed of D- glucuronic acid and N- acetyl glucosamine groups repeatedly arranged.  The more repeating groups, the greater the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid.  So there are hyaluronic acids on the market ranging from 50,000 daltons to 2 million daltons, and the biggest difference is the molecular weight.

Hyaluronic acid is the most ideal natural moisturizing factor in nature. 2% pure hyaluronic acid aqueous solution can firmly maintain 98% moisture, which is the best moisturizing substance found in nature.  Hyaluronic acid (HA), as a component existing in the body, has many important physiological functions in the body with its unique molecular structure and physicochemical properties, such as regulating the permeability of blood vessel wall, regulating proteins, lubricating joints, promoting wound healing and so on.    


First, the hydrating function of hyaluronic acid is that the -OH and carboxyl groups in the hyaluronic acid molecule form hydrogen bonds with other polar groups and water molecules, so that a large amount of water is bound together. Hyaluronic acid has excellent film forming ability, it can make a layer of cinnamon and film in the outer pores of the skin, which contains the moisture loss of the outer skin, so that the water can penetrate from the basal tissue to the cuticle, and the organic combination of water absorption and excellent film forming ability can provide the skin with good moisturizing effect, while ensuring the inner moisture of the skin.

Second, hyaluronic acid can scavenge oxygen free radicals from roots, which has been demonstrated in a large number of practices.  Free radicals play an important role in affecting cell structure, producing lipid peroxidation and leading to aging.  Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid bound to the outer layer of the cell can prevent free radicals from approaching the cell membrane and weaken the penetration of -oh free radicals in the outer layer of the cell .  

Third, maintenance is also one of its selling points.  The usual remedy is light damage, or UV damage, but this is more like an anti-inflammatory side effect, because the secretion of various inflammatory factors affects the cell\’s survival state.  If you can inhibit it directly, then the vitality of the cell will be better.   

Hyaluronic acid is one of the plant product. Are you worried that you can’t find good Hyaluronic acid? From today onwards, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech is dedicated to the herbal extract industryIn this field not only have rich experience, also have a good reputation. Its aim is to create a health care raw material brand that everyone can rest assured, to solve your choice of trouble!

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