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The name strange effect is also different from the general plant of the treasure—Lion’s mane mushroom extract

Can Hieracium mushroom treat gastric disease?

Many people neglect their health in modern society. Not eating regularly, eating too much, drinking too much coffee, drinking too much at social gatherings, staying up all night, eating and coping…The stomach is overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. It’s a poison in three parts. Tonic is better than tonic. What thing already delicious nutrition, good to the stomach, can prevent, cure gastric disease? That is one of the eight treasures of the mountain, monkey head mushroom.

Effect and function of Hericium SPP

There is such a folk proverb: “eat more monkey head, rejuvenate”, which shows the high nutritional value of monkey head mushroom. According to the health function of Edible Fungi, Hericium can treat hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. To anaemia, all sorts of stomach trouble, postpartum breast is little, neurasthenia, insomnia much dream, all sorts of rheumatism all have very good curative effect. Cancer can be prevented or treated. Eating hericium before going to bed after cooking has a health care effect on patients with diseases of trachea, esophagus and smooth muscle tissue. It can sleep peacefully and relieve asthma, and enhance cell vitality and resistance.

Monkey head mushroom nature of peace, sweet taste, can promote digestion, increase appetite. In modern medicine, the good efficacy of Hericium for the treatment of dyspepsia, gastric ulcer, gastric sinusitis, stomachache, gastric distention and neurasthenia and other diseases has been proved in a large number of clinical applications. In patients with mild neurasthenia, hericium vulgaris can be used as a good adjuvant therapy, and a significant and ideal effect can be achieved.

Hericium edodes can improve the body immunity and delay senility. It contains unsaturated fatty acid, which can regulate blood fat and is conducive to blood circulation. Patients with cardiovascular diseases can also eat it frequently. In addition, hericium has a very good role in nourishing the body, can benefit the kidney meridian, strengthen the kidney Yang, also has a very good role in improving sexual function.

In the screening of anticancer drugs, it was found to have obvious anticancer efficacy.

Hericium can improve the immune ability of the body, fight fatigue, fight oxidation, fight mutation, reduce blood fat, fight senescence, nourish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood.


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