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The Magical Properties of Maca Extract

In the application of cosmetic raw materials, there are many raw materials that have anti-inflammatory and whitening effects. Such as: nicotinamide, arbutin, tranexamic acid, vitamin C ethyl ether, kojic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, glycyrrhizin, retinoic acid, glutathione, phenethyl resorcinol, azelaic acid . Among them, the most common raw materials such as nicotinamide, arbutin, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, glycyrrhizin, kojic acid, etc., which are favored by many engineers, have been widely recognized in cosmetic applications in recent years. The amount of facial masks, freckle creams, skin creams, lotions, lotions and other cosmetics has been on the rise in the past two years.

Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech Co., Ltd. have  professional production of  Maca Extract and other products for 15 years, is recognized as a professional plant extract manufacturers

The Magical Properties of Maca Extract

Maca is all natural

Maca generally grows in plateau mountains with an altitude of 3000-4000 meters and a temperature difference of more than 30 degrees, where weeds and insects generally cannot survive. Maca cannot be fertilized and planted at will during the growth process, so the pure nature of the whole process lays the foundation for the safety of Maca.

Some friends often experience physical discomfort. In fact, these are all manifestations of sub-health status, which cannot be solved by taking medicine. Maca contains unique ingredients macaene and macaramide. The pharmacology of maca is to regulate the endocrine balance and promote the balance of hormone secretion to achieve the effect of conditioning the body.

For health products, there are generally two types in the traditional market. One is warming and conditioning, such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills, ginseng, etc., which are characterized by slow effects, unclear effects, and vague effects. One is quick and effective. For example, the common Viagra achieves its goal through direct stimulation. It is indeed quick and effective, but it seriously hurts the body and has very large side effects. The difference between maca and these health products is that it works quickly, and every side effect has a very clear scientific explanation for the effect.

Demystifying the Magical Functions of Maca Extract

Maca extract fights fatigue and boosts immunity

According to scientific research, 100 grams of Maca contains 77 mg of taurine, which can promote the body’s digestion of lipids, enhance myocardial contractility, enhance physical fitness, improve work efficiency, relieve physical and mental fatigue, prevent diseases, and enhance immunity. unique role. At the same time, maca contains maca polysaccharide, which can effectively provide energy for human activities to supplement consumption.

With the synergy of various ingredients, Maca can effectively supplement various nutrients needed by the human body in anti-fatigue without any side effects. Maca can make the human body maintain abundant physical strength, form a strong physique, relieve and avoid physical and mental fatigue, adapt to various environments of high temperature and cold, and improve work efficiency and physical fitness.

Maca Extract Improves Sexual Function

Maca contains two plant active substances, macaene and macaramide, which play a key role in improving sexual function. Substances such as meson oleoside, benzyl isothiocyanate and sterol also play a good role in sexual function. The improvement of maca’s sexual function is mainly reflected in that maca can double the number and activity of mature follicle bodies in women, improve women’s ability to conceive and increase the chance of conception; it can also double the number of sperm in men. and enhance sperm mobility.

Maca can improve sexual function and fertility in the human body. It stimulates the original functions of various organs of the human body with its unique natural plant-type bioactive substances and rich nutrients, so that it naturally secretes various hormones needed by the human body, making the human body. Self-secreted sex hormones maintain and return to normal levels, thereby improving sexual function and increasing fertility.

Maca extract regulates endocrine and improves sleep quality

Maca extract has a very good effect on regulating the endocrine of the human body. This is because Maca contains a variety of alkaloids that act on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to regulate the secretion of endocrine glands such as the adrenal gland, thyroid, pancreas, ovary and testis. function to balance hormone levels in the body.

Studies have found that the main cause of human aging is the free radicals that cause major troubles due to hormone imbalance and oxidative stress in the human body, which affect many physiological processes in the human body and cause various diseases. Maca is rich in calcium, iron, copper and other minerals and the interaction of amino acids can reduce or eliminate the common symptoms of menopause such as headache, backache, shoulder pain, fatigue, forgetfulness, insomnia and so on.

Rainwood BIO-committed to plant extract research and development, has more than 15 years experience, certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC CERTIFICATE. You will get the cheapest price and best quality from us. Welcome for your inquiry.

Maca extract enhances anti-stress ability and regulates sub-health

According to scientific research, maca extract can make people eliminate the stress index caused by the great changes in the external environment in a very short time, and quickly recover to the level of hormone secretion through self-regulation, so that the human body can maintain the endocrine and central nervous system for a long time. controlled at the normal level.

This is because the maca extract can directly act on the pituitary gland, and has an adaptive effect on the human body. It can resist stress and relieve tension, increase brain vitality, maintain a clear mind, improve insomnia and eliminate fatigue, and maintain good physical strength and optimal state. The reaction ability and so on have obvious effect. At the same time, it has a very good conditioning effect on sub-health caused by excessive life pressure.


The efficacy of dipotassium glycyrrhizinate in cosmetics

Anti-inflammatory (Inflammation) effect

Anti-allergy (Allergy) effect

Regulate the function of immunity (Immunity)

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