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The Magical Effect of Chitosan

Let’s talk about the harm of acidic physique first.

  1. The effect on the circulatory system When the body fluid is acidic, the blood viscosity increases, blood circulation slows down, and lipids in the blood are easily deposited on the blood vessel wall, leading to early arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, or heart and cerebrovascular diseases.
  2. The effect on bones. Acidic body fluids stimulate the parathyroid glands, increase the secretion of parathyroid hormone, and increase the calcium released by the bones into the blood. Although calcium can neutralize the acid in the blood, it can \”borrow\” calcium for a long time. As a result, it can lead to osteoporosis, bone hyperplasia, bone deformation, and tooth damage.

  1. The effect on the eyes. Body fluids are acidic, blood viscosity increases, blood circulation slows, and oxygen supply to tissue cells is reduced. It is easy to cause tissue cells to age and die. The blood vessels in the fundus are thin and long, so they are easily affected by disease. Poor circulation, eye disease occurs.
  2. Effect on the skin Acidic body fluids destroy the slightly acidic state of sebum wax, lose its inhibitory effect on bacteria, and easily cause infectious skin diseases such as acne, folliculitis, and boils. According to the survey, 80% of acne patients have acidic body fluids. The viscosity increases, the blood circulation slows down, the melanin and acid products accumulate under the skin, the pigment spots appear, the skin is dry, and the skin has poor elasticity and dullness. At this time, the skin is still in a highly sensitive state and is extremely allergic.
  3. Impact on the immune system. Body fluids are acidic, and human immunity is reduced, making people susceptible to colds and other infectious diseases. Therefore, the acid-base balance of body fluids plays an important role in health and beauty.

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How does chitosan adjust the pH of the human body?

The pH (pH value) of the normal human body\’s environment is 7.35-7.45, which is weakly alkaline. Within this pH range, all normal cells and various hormones in the human body can maintain their maximum vitality, and the physiological functions of various tissues can maintain their best state.

How does chitosan enhance the immune regulation function of the human body?

The human body\’s immune system is composed of four major systems: cellular immunity, humoral immunity, blood immunity, and non-specific immunity. Damage to any one system may affect human health. Lanwan chitosan can comprehensively restore the health of body fluids and blood, enhance the immune function of cells through the implantation of nucleoprotein transcriptase, and fundamentally regulate the immune function of the human body in an all-round way.

How does chitosan work on bone and joint diseases?

The plasmin activin in chitosan can achieve rapid disintegration, ablation and absorption in the body, without trauma, pain, and can effectively loosen adhesions, quickly activate the nodules of bones and joints, and dissolve the calcification around the joints. Osteophytes.

The unique cysteine in chitosan is a biologically extracted half-valent structure, which can quickly increase the antioxidant capacity of nerve cells. It effectively promotes the conduction of interstitial fluid along the outer edge of nerve cells. At the same time, cysteine supplements the collagen synthesis in the joint cavity, which can enhance joint function, improve the nutritional content of joint synovial fluid, reduce bone friction in the joint, reduce pain, and accelerate cartilage regeneration.

How does chitosan prevent cancer?

The nucleoprotein transcriptase in chitosan has strong antioxidant capacity, maintains the internal environment of cells, improves cell activity, resists various radiations, and removes toxins and free radicals in cells.

The cysteine ​​in chitosan can quickly accumulate around cells, participate in the synthesis of liver muscle cell membrane proteins, improve the body\’s immunity, resist external toxins invading cells, and form antibodies.

How does chitosan reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Radiotherapy is the use of the direct and indirect killing effects of ionizing radiation to ultimately kill tumor cells, as well as normal cells plus a large number of free radicals produced by the ionization of body fluids, which brings great harm to the body. Lanwan chitosan can be effective Eliminate free radicals, accelerate their excretion, reduce the time in the body, and repair damaged cells.

After chemotherapy, the cell tissue changes, and the intermediate acidic metabolites produced will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. Chitosan can form complexes with a variety of harmful substances, excrete harmful substances, and have a detoxification effect.

This shows that chitosan is very effective in reducing the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

How does chitosan prevent fatty liver?

The positive charge of chitosan can chelate fat, increase enzyme activity, prevent the rise of cholesterol and neutral fat, and prevent fatty liver. Lanwan chitosan can maximize the activation of liver lipid metabolism, has the function of activating and repairing liver cells, and can be combined with negatively charged lipids and bile acids to be excreted from the body, preventing the body\’s absorption of fat, reducing blood lipids, and preventing fat liver.

Rainwood BIO-committed to plant extract research and development, has more than 15 years experience, certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC CERTIFICATE. You will get the cheapest price and best quality from us. Welcome for your inquiry.

How does chitosan sober up and protect the liver?

Alcohol is decomposed into toxic acetaldehyde in the body, which increases the burden on the liver, while chitosan can oxidize acetaldehyde into non-toxic acetic acid, accelerate alcohol metabolism, thereby reducing liver cell complex and reducing liver damage.

How does chitosan detoxify drug toxins?

Pharmacological reactions that are not related to treatment are called side effects of drugs, that is, drug toxicity. The cysteine ​​in chitosan has the properties of encapsulation, adsorption and reduction. Thereby, the drug residues in the body can be effectively packaged, adsorbed, decomposed and discharged from the body, effectively reducing the toxic and side effects of the drug on the liver and kidney damage. The plasmin activin in chitosan can improve the survival status of liver cells and improve The detoxification ability of the liver.

Many anti-aging functional products abroad use carnosine as an effective ingredient, and this type of product is favored by domestic consumers. In the field of medicine, carnosine is used as a medicine to treat diseases such as cataracts and Alzheimer\’s due to its ability to delay the loss of vision caused by aging. It can also be used as a sensor for the olfactory nerve, which can promote wound healing, and is especially used as an oral medicine for surgical treatment.

In the application of cosmetics, carnosine can not only prevent skin aging and whitening, but also prevent the free radicals generated by smoking, and this free radical can damage the skin more than sunlight. Free radicals are very active in the human body. Strong atoms or groups of atoms can oxidize other substances in the human body.

How does chitosan work for gout?

Gout is a disease caused by impaired purine metabolism. When the purine catabolism in the body is too strong, the production of uric acid is too much or the excretion is blocked, it can cause the blood uric acid level to rise, and further cause tissue damage to produce gout.

Chitosan is an alkaline substance that can neutralize blood uric acid in the body and reduce blood uric acid concentration, so it can help gout.

How does chitosan work for gastrointestinal diseases?

The main cause of gastric disease is hyperacidity. Chitosan can neutralize gastric acid and restore gastrointestinal function due to its alkaline characteristics.

Chitosan has good affinity with human gastrointestinal mucosa and forms a protective film on the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Both the sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects of chitosan have good therapeutic effects on gastrointestinal diseases.

Chitosan can promote the growth of bifidobacteria in the intestines, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria, prevent intestinal dysfunction and prevent intestinal infections.

How does chitosan scavenge free radicals in the body?

Free radicals are an obstacle to the body\’s metabolism, and are the accumulated products of some superoxides that cannot be cleared in time.

Chitosan can activate cells, and forcibly absorb and metabolize free radicals in the body with a positive adsorption force, promote the body\’s metabolism and eliminate free radicals in time.

How does chitosan inhibit the metastasis of cancer cells?

Blood vessels are the channels for cancer cells to metastasize. Cancer cells can only be transferred to other organs in the body when they adhere to the molecules on the surface of the blood vessel wall under acidic conditions. Chitosan has a stronger adhesion effect than cancer cells (experiments have proved that chitosan can directly act on the cell surface), plus chitosan can promote the body to alkaline, thereby preventing cancer cells and molecules The combined effect causes cancer cells to lose their metastasis vector, thereby inhibiting the metastasis of cancer cells.

How does chitosan work for insomnia symptoms?

The cysteine ​​in chitosan can effectively promote the repair of brain neurons. Because the surrounding hippocampal neurons will undergo a series of changes after cerebral ischemia, it will directly lead to sleep disorders. This effect of cysteine ​can be corrected. Damage to brain neurons.

The plasmin activator in chitosan has a unique structure that can quickly activate, decompose, and assist in the metabolism of tissue proliferating fibers in the inner wall of blood vessels, reverse vascular sclerosis, accelerate blood transport, provide sufficient nutrition for brain tissue, and balance the brain Cell activity cycle, so Lanwan chitosan has obvious effects on sleep disorders such as insomnia, dreaminess, and drowsiness.

How does chitosan work for menopausal diseases?

Menopause is a critical period for the physiological adjustment of the human body. At this stage, a variety of physiological disorders will appear. Chitosan has the functions of enhancing cell vitality, activating various organs in the human body, regulating autonomic nerves and endocrine, and making every damaged organ of the body. All have been well recovered, so that various physiological disorders of menopause have been well adjusted. In addition, immunity is very important during menopause and has a great influence on the physical condition after menopause. Chitosan can effectively regulate immunity during this period. Therefore, it is very important to take chitosan during menopause.

How does chitosan work for neurasthenia diseases?

Chitosan is a functional health food, which can improve the body\’s stress response, regulate autonomic nerves, promote body metabolism, and enhance immune function. Therefore, it can play a good auxiliary role in neurasthenia and neurosis.

How does chitosan work for hypertension?

Plasmin Activin in Chitosan——To solve this medical problem, it is necessary to extract \”plasmin activin\” with high purity, which can break down and absorb the fibrotic tissues that cause hardening, enhance the body\’s anti-fibrosis ability, and first control the development The fibrotic lesions promote the softening and metabolism of fibrotic tissue, restore the elasticity of blood vessel walls, normal contraction and relaxation of the heart, smooth and elastic blood vessels, and have a certain function of restoring brain nerves.

Cysteine ​​in chitosan——In recent years, researchers have continuously discovered that cysteine ​​in the human body can remove heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and adsorb blood lipids and blood scum and other harmful substances in the human body, so that the human body is not toxic. Violation of harmful substances. Cysteine ​​can also strengthen the fastness of the cell membrane. After removing the fibrous tissue of the blood vessel wall, it further strengthens the elasticity of the cell membrane and ensures the continuous softening of the blood vessel.

Lanwan Chitosan-moderate molecular weight, high degree of deacetylation (95%), easy to absorb, is currently the product with the highest degree of deacetylation approved by the Ministry of Health, can absorb the most acidic biological agents in the human body, effective It eliminates acidic substances in blood vessels, reduces vasoconstriction pressure, purifies blood, thereby increasing blood supply in the body, and plays a role of two-way regulation of blood pressure.

What is the effect of chitosan on insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain?

Insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain is mainly due to arteriosclerosis, which leads to narrowing of the lumen, thickening of the tube wall, and reduced elasticity. Chitosan can activate tube wall cells, decompose and excrete deposited lipids, and effectively correct the factors that cause arteriosclerosis by lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, cholesterol and other factors, thereby improving blood circulation and improving heart and brain insufficiency.

How does chitosan improve microcirculation?

Chitosan can directly act on sympathetic nerves, promote the effect of systemic arterioles, increase the amount of capillaries, and at the same time increase the permeability of serum and the absorption of serum proteins, thereby improving microcirculation.

How does chitosan prevent coronary heart disease?

Coronary heart disease is due to coronary atherosclerosis, which leads to coronary artery lumen stenosis, myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency, and even sudden death. Chitosan has the effects of regulating blood pressure, regulating blood lipids and cholesterol, and at the same time can reduce blood viscosity, improve circulatory system function, and enhance myocardial function, thereby effectively preventing coronary heart disease.

I am prone to fatigue, body aches, poor memory, and lethargy. Why should I take chitosan?

Interpreted from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, fatigue, body weakness, poor memory, and drowsiness are due to lack of essence, blood and blood, and insufficient brain oxygen supply; from the perspective of cytology, the cholesterol content of the cell membrane increases, the membrane permeability is weakened, and the cell nutrition is insufficient , Had to break down protein to provide energy, so the serum nitrogen content increased, even a little activity can increase the urea nitrogen, so that the human body will soon feel sleepy and tired. Chitosan can significantly reduce cholesterol, eliminate harmful substances, and urea nitrogen in the blood will also be absorbed and discharged, improving cell permeability, increasing vitality, and quickly reducing or eliminating fatigue.

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