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The magic nicotinamide, how much do you know

Nicotinamide is widely used in the cosmetics industry, is also a multi-functional active ingredient, in many professional journals have also been confirmed, of course, many skin care brands contain the ingredients of nicotinamide, and niacinamide six skin care efficacy is worth knowing. First of all, you must first understand what niacinamide is, the role of niacinamide is mainly reflected in skin care.

Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3 (VB3), is the bioactive form of niacin, widely found in a variety of plants and animals. It is also an important precursor of the cofactors NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate). Together with reduced NADH and NADPH, they act as coenzymes in more than 40 biochemical reactions and also act as antioxidants. Nicotinamide is a kind of water-soluble substance, which has solution stability and light stability. Stability is best in a PH of 6 solution.1. Role of niacinamide: Skin whitening Niacinamide can down-regulate melanosome transport from melanocytes to keratinocytes without inhibiting tyrosinase activity or cell proliferation, thus affecting skin pigmentation. It can also interfere with cell signal channels between keratinocytes and melanocytes and reduce melanin production. Nicotinamide, on the other hand, ACTS on the melanin already produced, reducing its transfer to the surface cells. When niacinamide is used as a whitening ingredient, its concentration ranges from 2% to 5%, which proves to be effective in treating excessive pigmentation caused by chloasma and ULTRAVIOLET rays. The combination of N-acetylglucosamine is said to be more effective. Another point of view is that niacinamide also has an anti-saccharification function, which can reduce the yellow color after protein saccharification, and help to improve the complexion of vegetable faces and even “yellow face woman”.

The role of nicotinamide: Anti-aging studies have shown that using nicotinamide (5% content) can reduce wrinkles, red spots, yellowing, and color spots of aging facial skin. So you shouldn’t be surprised that Olay’s anti-aging line contains a lot of nicotinamide. These effects may also be related to the role of nicotinamide in helping to stimulate collagen production. Iii. The role of nicotinamide: Improving skin barrier function. Topical application of nicotinamide increases levels of free fatty acids and ceramides in the skin, stimulates dermal microcirculation, and prevents water loss in the skin. It also improves protein synthesis (e.g., keratin), increases intracellular NADPH levels, and speeds up keratin cell differentiation. In addition, can also alleviate because of surfactant or solvent and other skin irritations. A small study showed that topical use of 2% nicotinamide was more effective than vaseline (mineral fat) at reducing skin moisture loss and increasing moisture retention.

Oil control and pore reduction nicotinamide (2%) can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, which can control oil secretion. It is said to have a synergistic effect with sodium dehydroacetate. The decrease in oil secretion will also make skin pores look less large. Acne Treatment A gel containing 4% nicotinamide is reported to be as effective in treating acne vulgaris as a gel containing 1% clindamycin (the main topical prescription for acne). Niacinamide’s role is briefly introduced here, you can see that niacinamide is versatile. Few cosmetic ingredients have so many skin-care benefits at once. And importantly, nicotinamide is a really cheap ingredient! So many companies are reluctant to say that nicotinamide is added to their products, but often mention other ingredients or make nicotinamide with several other ingredients to create a new word of advertising!

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