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The gold in food — royal jelly

Royal jelly is a milky or yellowish substance with sour, astringent, spicy, sweet, and a special aromatic smell secreted from the subpharyngeal and maxillary glands of worker bees at the age of 5-15 days. It is a kind of senior nutrition specially used to feed queen bees and larvae in bee colonies. It is precious and complicated with strong health care function and miraculous medical effects. It is a pure natural food between food and medicine. For a long time, it has been widely used at home and abroad to make up various health medicine preparations, health food, and cosmetics. People have been studying the high-yield technology of royal jelly and its application in medicine.

The United States began to study the chemical characteristics of royal jelly as early as 1940. After more than half a century of continuous research by scientists around the world, it is generally believed that royal jelly contains 64.5%~68.5% of water and 35.5%~31.5% of dry matter. Dry matter accounted for 12%~14% of protein, 6% of fat, 12%~14% of sugar, 0.2%~4% of ash, and 2.84%~3% of mystery matter. At present, it is widely used in medicine, which is summarized as follows:

ok of The Ancient Medicine of Abel, 1500 BC. The Ayurvedic texts describe the aphrodisiac effects of the herb. In ancient Egypt, fenugreek was used to relieve labor pains and other types of abdominal pain.

1. Improve the immune function of the body

Royal jelly is a natural tonic with no toxic side effects. It is suitable for children, the elderly, pregnant women, and lactating women, especially for the weak and sickly weak body, royal jelly can help them recover as soon as possible. Nutritionists have found that royal jelly can balance the human body, regulate endocrine, remove harmful substances in the body, stimulate the proliferation and secretion of immune cells, enhance the activity of immune cells, and stimulate the production of antibodies.

Jing Zhang and Weina Yan et al. found that royal jelly could enhance the function of the mononuclear macrophage system and NK cell activity in mice. Radutudroache, G. et al. added royal jelly to every calf before the age of 7 every day, and the results showed that the calves in the experimental group had better resistance to infectious diseases, indicating that royal jelly enhanced the resistance function of the calves.

Lidija Sver et al. showed that Y59 mice injected with sheep red blood cell sensitization had increased splenic cell colony count, increased inguinal lymph node weight, increased body surface fluid lymphocyte count, and decreased white blood cell count in contrast, indicating that royal jelly could stimulate the body to produce antibodies and immune cell proliferation.

2. Effects of royal jelly on cardiovascular diseases

In addition to improving the human body fat metabolism, royal jelly can also assist in reducing blood pressure, improving heart function, and enhancing the constitution of patients with atherosclerosis. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acid in royal jelly can reduce the total amount of fat in blood vessels, reduce the accumulation and precipitation of fat, and thus play the role of antithrombotic and lipid-lowering. The acetylcholine in royal jelly causes blood vessels to relax and thus lowers blood pressure.

3. The effect of royal jelly on aging and senile dementia

Clinical trials have proved that taking royal jelly regularly not only has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases but also can change some aging phenomena, and make the elderly refreshed and rejuvenated. Royal jelly has the functions of maintaining the vigorous DNA synthesis ability of cells, shortening the cycle of aged cells, reducing the aggregation of senescent cells, maintaining the regeneration rate of faster cells, and delaying the senescence of cells. Studies have shown that the life span of fruit flies cultured with royal jelly can be extended by 20%.

It is reported that taking royal jelly consistently can improve the health status of the elderly and has a significant prevention and treatment effect on senile dementia. Peng Yourui, Zhong Fangxu, et al. showed that royal jelly can significantly increase the content of monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain of rats. The mechanism of learning and memory is closely related to the content of monoamine neurotransmitters. Norphrenin and dopamine play an important role in memory retention.

4. Royal Jelly and beauty

Evidence shows that royal jelly can also increase body energy, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and mood, enhance memory, and improve immunity. Royal jelly contains B vitamins, including B 5 and biotin B 6. These B vitamins are not only necessary for human nutrition but also help the body resist foreign infections. The gel amino acid contained in royal jelly is an important raw material of collagen, which has an anti-aging effect and can keep skin smooth and elastic. Local applications, such as masks, creams, lotion, etc., can give skin softness and wrinkles away.

The application prospect of royal jelly

Royal jelly has always been a natural nutritional supplement, its function is diverse, and still has not been any toxic or side effects, so the domestic and foreign studies of royal jelly, make clear the function of royal jelly factor and its mechanism of action will be a huge power source to the further development of royal jelly, royal jelly of pharmacological physiological research for its deep processing and industrialization has provided a broad application prospect.

In medicine, it is mainly reflected as follows: at present, royal jelly is rich in B vitamins and excellent proteins, especially germicidal acid, so it is a good medicine for treating cancer; Royal jelly can improve the hematopoietic function and promote the development of middle and young children. Royal jelly can regulate human metabolism, promote the recovery of brain cells, is beneficial to the treatment of menopausal syndrome and prostatitis, it is also an effective anti-aging beauty. With the deepening of research, more functions of royal jelly will be found in medicine and pharmacy.

3, improve immunity

If everyone is often in a state of physical weakness, then you can achieve a certain relief effect by consuming royal jelly. This is mainly because many people experience physical weakness because their own body immunity is low, and the long-term Consumption of royal jelly can help everyone restore their physical and mental strength, and improve their body immunity, so it can effectively supplement the energy that everyone lacks.

Royal jelly is a very good nourishing product for everyone. When everyone’s body has symptoms of excessive weakness or loss of appetite, everyone can take royal jelly to achieve a certain relief and therapeutic effect.

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