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The Efficacy And Role Of Soybean Lecithin

Soy lecithin has been heard a lot, and soy lecithin can often be seen in the health care product counters of drugstores. Most people only know that soy is rich in nutrients because soy is rich in soy lecithin, but for soy lecithin The efficacy and role of it is not so familiar. Today, let’s take a look at the efficacy and role of soybean lecithin.

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What is soy lecithin

All kinds of oil plants in nature contain phospholipids, but their content is not the same. Among several common oil seeds, soybean and cottonseed are the most common, followed by rapeseed, and soybean is the main one that can be industrialized. Soy lecithin is a by-product of the refining of soybean oil. At present, granular soybean lecithin is common in the market, which is the phospholipid precipitated by soybean oil during the degumming process, and then processed and dried. Pure soybean lecithin is a brownish-yellow waxy solid that easily absorbs water and turns into a brownish-black jelly. It is easy to be oxidized in the air, and the color gradually changes from brown to brown to brown to black, and it is not resistant to high temperature, and it will gradually oxidatively decompose and decompose above 80 °C.

Soy lecithin is known as the “third nutrient” alongside protein and vitamins. However, there are very few people who really understand soybean lecithin, and lecithin is only a “noble food” enjoyed by a few people in China. In developed countries, lecithin has become a very common nutrient food. I heard that Americans now even use lecithin for cooking, and the cooked rice is plump, crystal clear and fragrant. So, what are the health benefits of lecithin?

The characteristics and efficacy of lecithin:

As a functional health food, lecithin has a comprehensive, long-term and stable effect, and has no side effects. The prevention of the following diseases has a very good effect.

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Liver disease:

Nutritionists and medical scientists have long recognized that lecithin has a protective effect on liver function in humans and animals. Dr. Zesel found in one experiment that liver cells grown in test tubes died from a lack of lecithin. He also found in animal experiments that eating a diet deficient in lecithin for only a few weeks resulted in abnormal liver function and a significant increase in the rate of liver cancer. He also found in his research that with the increasing number of diseases in modern civilization, alcohol and high cholesterol have become two important factors for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. The anti-alcoholic effect of lecithin and its powerful emulsifying effect can fully protect liver cells, and at the same time can promote the activation and regeneration of liver cells, enhance liver function, and effectively reduce the incidence of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and other diseases Rate.

Heart disease:

In the 1960s, scientists discovered that lecithin may have a protective effect on the heart. In further research, it was finally confirmed that lecithin has a positive effect on heart health. This is because it can regulate the content of cholesterol in the human body, effectively reduce cholesterol, hyperlipidemia and the incidence of coronary heart disease.

Promote brain development and enhance memory:

Warren Lake, a professor of psychology at DUKE University in North Carolina, USA, mentioned in the report: The offspring of pregnant rats fed with lecithin had significantly better memory in the intelligence test (maze test) than those without lecithin. offspring of rats. Professor and Director of the Division of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina, and the chief expert of the meeting, Steven Zesel, MD, PhD, said in his congratulatory speech: “To sum up all the research results on lecithin, we should especially recommend that pregnant women take appropriate amounts of lecithin, which is important for the intellectual development of their infants.” The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates that all infant diets should be supplemented with lecithin in moderation.

Arteriosclerosis (hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage):

According to the data, the prevalence of arteriosclerosis increases almost synchronously with people’s age. Usually, arteriosclerosis begins in middle age, but as people eat a lot of meat and fat, the incidence of arteriosclerosis tends to be younger, and more men than women, arteriosclerosis patients usually suffer from hyperlipidemia, cholesterol At the same time, the prevalence of hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and cerebral hemorrhage is also relatively high. Experiments show that eating lecithin can significantly reduce high blood lipids and high cholesterol, thereby preventing arteriosclerosis.

Skin disease:

Lecithin is an indispensable substance for every cell in the human body. If it is lacking, it will reduce the regeneration ability of skin cells, resulting in rough and wrinkled skin. If lecithin can be properly taken in, the skin regeneration can be guaranteed. Coupled with the good hydrophilic and lipophilic properties of lecithin, the skin will of course be shiny. In addition, the inositol contained in lecithin is also the main nutrient for hair, which can inhibit hair loss and make white hair gradually turn black.

Alzheimer’s disease:

Decreased neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) in the brain is the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease, and “choline” is the basic component of lecithin. A sufficient supply of lecithin will ensure that there is enough choline in the body to combine with acetyl in the human body. For “acetylcholine”, it becomes a sufficient information transmission material for the brain to effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nutrition for diabetics:

Insufficient lecithin will cause the pancreas to decline, unable to secrete sufficient insulin, and unable to effectively transport glucose in the blood to cells, which is one of the basic causes of diabetes. Such as daily consumption of more than 20 grams of lecithin, the recovery of diabetes is quite significant. Many patients don’t even have to inject insulin anymore. In particular, it is more effective for patients with complications such as diabetic gangrene and arteriosclerosis.

Eliminates pimples, freckles and moisturizes the skin:

The human body contains many toxins, especially in the gut. When the levels of these toxins are too high, they can deposit on the skin with the blood circulation, resulting in the formation of dark spots or pimples. Lecithin happens to be a natural detoxifier, it can decompose excessive toxins in the body and excrete them through the liver and kidneys. When the toxins in the body are reduced to a certain concentration, spots and pimples on the face will appear slowly disappear. Lecithin also has a certain degree of hydrophilicity and has the function of increasing heme.

If a certain amount of lecithin is taken every day, it can provide sufficient moisture and oxygen to the skin, making the skin smooth and supple.

Can effectively resolve gallstones:

Excessive cholesterol in the body will precipitate and form gallstones. 90% of gallstones are composed of cholesterol. The main component of bile is lecithin, in addition to water, cholesterol, minerals and pigments, etc. Lecithin can decompose, digest and absorb excess cholesterol, so that the cholesterol in bile remains liquid. If a certain amount of lecithin is taken every day, it can effectively prevent the formation of gallstones, and can also play a role in resolving the formed gallstones.

People Suitble

  1. “Three high” people, want to prevent and cure. Cardiovascular disease.
  2. Those who want to improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Excessive drinking or liver dysfunction.
  4. Patients with gallstones.
  5. Diabetic patients.
  6. Rough skin, chloasma and age spots.

It is said that clearing blood vessels, lowering blood lipids, soybean lecithin ~ long-term use can effectively reduce blood lipids, blood vessels are healthier, the body is more relaxed, and staying away from diseases starts from being close to nature.

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