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The Effect of Pearl Powder And How to Use It

Pearl powder is a powder made of pearls produced from shellfish such as Hyriopsis cumingii, crown molluscs, Pinctada martensii and other shellfish. It is white or white and has a special fishy smell of pearls. Pearl powder has been a good product for beauty and beauty since ancient times. It can be eaten and applied externally, and has many uses. Has always been favored by women.

Pearl powder is sweet, salty, and cold in nature. It is a Chinese medicinal material with excellent efficacy. It is very useful in people’s lives. It can be used for beauty and can also assist upset and insomnia. It is a good health medicinal material, which can be strengthened by oral administration. Immunity, calcium supplementation, maintaining spring and prolonging decline, improving sleep, assisting ulcers, nourishing liver and improving eyesight, assisting in lowering blood pressure. External use of pearl powder can whiten, control oil, remove acne, remove blackheads, lighten spots, and grow skin. When using pearl powder as a mask, it is absolutely necessary to use fine pearl powder as much as possible, because the fine pearl powder is easy to absorb.

Let’s take a look at the functions of pearl powder and the precautions for purchasing and eating with the editor.

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The role of pearl powder

Several major effects of oral pearl powder:

1. Enhance immunity

The immune system is the body’s barrier to prevent disease invasion, and it is also the resistance system after disease invades the body. If the immune system is dysfunctional, it will lead to a decrease in the ability to prevent disease, especially the resistance to epidemic diseases and infectious diseases. Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, and alanine. Amino acids are necessary for the growth and maturation of lymphoid tissues and organs, and have a significant effect on the rate of intracellular protein synthesis and the type of protein synthesized. Long-term adherence to oral administration of pearl powder can effectively increase the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the body’s immune system, thereby enhancing immune resistance to disease. After long-term consumption of pearl powder, many customers are obviously much better than their peers.

2. To replenish calcium and keep fit

Modern nutritionist studies have proved that the daily calcium requirement of modern humans is seriously out of balance with the actual calcium intake. As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder is becoming more and more popular and valued by consumers and is known as “pearl calcium”.

First of all, the calcium content is high. The pearl powder contains 90-92% active calcium, of which the pure calcium content reaches 38-40%. If you take 600mg a day, it is equivalent to taking 220-240mg pure calcium. The pure calcium content of pearl powder is 4 times larger than the calcium supplement calcium gluconate, and it is pure natural calcium, which is safe and healthy.

Second, the digestion and absorption rate of calcium is high. At present, calcium supplements on the market are divided into organic calcium and inorganic calcium. The absorption rate is between 25-32%, calcium gluconate is 27%, and calcium citrate is 30%. , The absorption rate of ordinary pearl powder is 29%, and the absorption rate of nano-level pearl powder is higher. If you are already taking pearl powder, there is no need to take other calcium supplements to supplement calcium.

3. Keep spring and prolong decline, youth is always there

Free radicals are an important cause of aging. As we age, our metabolism gradually slows down. As a result, our ability to resist free radicals will decrease. The skin and body organs will age early. The three trace elements of manganese, copper and zinc contained in pearl powder are the components of SOD. Coating the surface with pearl powder can promote the activity of human skin superoxide dismutase (SOD), inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and keep the skin white . In addition, because SOD has the effect of scavenging free radicals, coating with pearl powder can prevent skin aging and wrinkling. It is worth noting that pearl powder should be raised internally and externally, and continue to be conditioned. The historical empress Dowager Cixi is still young and immortal at the age of 60, which may also be a good proof.

4. Improve sleep and enjoy a peaceful night

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records “Pearls, calm the heart and calm the soul”, “The Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China” also records that pearls have a soothing effect and are used for palpitations and insomnia. Pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can play a “soothing and calming” effect on the brain center. After the body absorbs it, it can nourish the cells that are over-excited and cause fatigue and calm them down. The same is true for children with convulsions. Be applicable. Of course, pearl powder is not a magic medicine. For insomnia caused by mood disorders, excitement, anxiety, depression, etc., mental self-adjustment should be carried out first. On this basis, the use of pearl powder can effectively improve sleep and make The body is fully rested.

5. Treat ulcers and promote oral health

Oral ulcers are a type of localized ulcer damage to the oral mucosa characterized by recurring recurrences. It can occur in any part of the oral mucosa. It is more common in the lips, cheeks, and tongue. In severe cases, it can spread to the pharyngeal mucosa. Pearl powder has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, and astringent wounds. The average particle size of the special nano pearl powder is as small as 40-100 nanometers, which is equivalent to 1/60 of the pore. It can contact the ulcer surface with the largest surface area and exert its effect. At the same time, pearl powder has the effect of clearing the fire from the stomach and reducing the fire, and it can cure both the symptoms and the root causes when taken orally.

6. Nourish the liver and improve eyesight, relieve eyesight fatigue

Pearl powder has the effect of clearing away heat and toxins, and can clear irritability. The liver dominates the eyes, if the anger is violent, the eyes will produce haze, and the vision will be blurred. At the same time, research has found that the selenium in pearl powder can strengthen the conduction of the optic nerve and improve vision; the zinc in trace elements can promote the axoplasmic transport of the optic nerve and improve the metabolism and function of the retina and retinal pigment epithelial cells. “The Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China” states: “Pearl has the function of improving eyesight and eliminating haze, and it is mainly used to produce haze on the eye.” Therefore, many scholars regard pearl powder as the “sacred medicine for ophthalmology.” Long-term use of pearl powder may improve your blurred vision.

7. Assist in reducing blood pressure and improve the quality of life

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, hypertension is caused by hyperactivity of the liver yang. The results of modern medical research have proved that pearl powder, a gem of Chinese medicine in my country, has the functions of calming the nerves, nourishing yin and extinguishing wind, and suppressing the liver and yang, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood pressure. The clinically used antihypertensive drug \”Zhenju Jiangya Pill\” is made according to this principle. The practice has proved that if the blood pressure is not much higher, pearl powder can be used to reduce blood pressure, which is natural and safe; if the blood pressure is too high, western medicine should be used to lower blood pressure, and pearl powder should be used as a supplement.

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Effect of topical pearl powder

1.Whitening, natural whiteness comes out

Pearls have been known to have whitening effects since ancient times. Modern science has discovered that trace elements in pearls can increase the amount of SOD and increase its activity. Selenium is the main substance in the manufacture of glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme, like SOD, can scavenge free radicals. Improve skin tone. Pearl powder needs to be used internally and externally for whitening effects.

2. Control oil, make skin clean

The summer is scorching, and the face is shiny, I believe most women who love beauty have this trouble. How to effectively remove the oil on the face and give yourself a clean face? Recommend natural nano pearl powder. Nano pearl powder has very fine particle size, so it has a large surface area and excellent adsorption capacity, which can adsorb excess oil on it. At the same time, it also has an astringent effect, which can control the secretion of oil and make the skin dry and clean.

3. Get rid of acne, as long as you are young and don’t have acne

Pearl powder can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse the skin, control oil content, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. Oral administration can clear away heat and detoxify, and combined with oral administration and external use, it is very effective in dealing with acne.

4. Remove blackheads and let pores breathe freely

Blackheads: It is a blockage of hardened oil, usually on the forehead and nose. When the sebaceous glands are over-stimulated to secrete large amounts of sebum, and the pores are filled with excess oil and cause blockage, the nose usually feels greasy. These greases will eventually harden and become black dots after oxidation. This is what we usually call blackheads.

The secret of pearl powder to remove blackheads is that pearl powder has the first-class deep cleansing ability of pores, and has very strong adsorption capacity, which can \”suck\” dead skin and deep pores.

5. Blemish spots, whitening returns to beauty and reappearance

“Compendium of Materia Medica” has long clearly pointed out: “Pearls, in addition to dark and dark”, the large number of trace elements contained in pearl powder can effectively prevent the increase of lipid peroxides, thereby effectively removing the three major spots.

6. Grow muscles, repair wounds without leaving traces

Pearl powder has a good repairing effect on skin traumas (cuts, burns, scalds, etc.). This is because pearl powder can promote the growth of collagen cells in the human body, and collagen cells are the main contributor to skin regeneration. At the same time, pearl powder also has a significant anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit the regeneration of inflammatory cells and prevent further deterioration of the wound. When pearl powder is used externally in wounds, it can fill tissue gaps, adhere to blood vessel tissues, exert its anti-inflammatory effects, promote collagen cell growth, and promote cell regeneration. According to clinical trials, before treatment with pearl powder, the wound can be carefully washed with saline or hydrogen peroxide, and then an appropriate amount of pearl powder can be evenly applied to the wound surface to form a thin layer. The dressing is changed once a day. If blisters appear on the injured area, do not break the blisters, let alone tear off the upper cortex; for cuts and abscesses, if the affected area has been purulent, you should first drain pus to clean the wound and clean up the wound. After that, apply pearl powder again, the effect is better.

The common identification methods are as follows:

  1. Look at the color. The color of real pearl powder should be a little gray, especially white ones are probably added with talc powder, and very gray ones are probably clam shell powder.
  2. Smell the smell. Real pearl powder should have a faint fishy smell.
  3. Look at gloss. Take a little pearl powder and twist it on your finger. Look at the sun. If you see small shiny dots on it, then the pearl powder is not very authentic, because the luminous inside is mica.
  4. Look at the water reaction. When pearl powder is put into water, it will have a diffusion effect and sink. High-quality pearl powder has a small particle size and small surface area, and the buoyancy of water on it is small, so it sinks when it enters the water. Inferior pearl powder, due to its coarse particles and large surface area, first diffuses after entering the water, and then gradually sinks. The fake pearl powder is generally clam shell powder, even mixed with talc powder, and its specific gravity is obviously lighter. Therefore, after entering the water, it tends to float on the water surface in piles without spreading and sinking in a small amount.
  5. Test the taste. Take a small amount of pearl powder and taste with the tip of your tongue. The pure pearl powder has no peculiar smell and tastes slightly salty. The aftertaste has the peculiar faint fishy taste of pearls, without sour, astringent, pungent or other peculiar smells. The fine pearl powder melts in the mouth, while the coarser pearl powder has a feeling of sand in the mouth.

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