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Address: Rm 218, Tangxing Digital Bld, #6 Tangxing Rd, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
Phone: +86 17791258855
Landline: +86 (0)29 81870046

Quality, Reliability, Success: Choose Rainwood for OEM Supplement Manufacturing

We are a professional manufacturer of dietary supplements, food and medical additives, and plant extracts from China. Our company was established in 2006 and is a high-tech enterprise certified with ISO22000 and HACCP. We have also obtained organic certifications from the European Union and the United States. With a workforce of over 100 employees, including a research and technical team comprising 50% graduate professionals, we have a multidisciplinary R&D team that is at the forefront of the industry.

Our company comprises professional teams in research and development, production, sales, marketing, and logistics. Our products, known for their excellent quality and premium service, are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Would you like to launch your supplement brand?

Certainly! Rainwood can provide private-label services for dietary supplements according to your requirements. We are a trusted supplier of dietary supplement ingredients, OEM dietary supplements, food and medical additives, plant extracts, amino acids, vitamin series, and cosmetic ingredients from China. We offer over 500 product options, ensuring high-quality products with strict control over raw materials and advanced production processes that guarantee safety and cost-effectiveness.

What are the specific advantages and features of Rainwood’s OEM contract manufacturing services?

High-quality raw materials: As a manufacturer of dietary supplement ingredients, Rainwood has extensive experience and expertise in providing high-quality raw materials to global partners, ensuring excellent product quality.

Customized production: Rainwood’s OEM contract manufacturing services can be tailored to your specific requirements, including formulation, packaging, and label design, ensuring the products align perfectly with your brand and meet your unique specifications.

Production capacity and scale: Rainwood has state-of-the-art production facilities and strong production capacity to meet large-scale production demands. Rainwood can provide efficient contract manufacturing services whether your order is large or small.

Quality control and compliance: Rainwood strictly adheres to relevant regulations and industry standards to ensure quality control and compliance throughout the product manufacturing process. Our production facilities have comprehensive quality management systems in place, conducting rigorous testing and verification to ensure product safety and reliability.

Professional team and technical support: Rainwood has an experienced professional team, including experts in research and development, production, and quality control. They provide comprehensive technical support and consultation services to ensure successful project implementation.

Agile response and fast delivery: Rainwood is committed to promptly responding to customer needs and providing fast delivery services. With efficient supply chain management and production processes, we enable you to launch your products promptly and meet customer demands.

Through these advantages and features, Rainwood’s OEM contract manufacturing services offer high-quality, customized, and reliable manufacturing services for dietary supplements. We help our clients successfully bring their products to market and gain a competitive edge.

Does Rainwood provide small-batch production services?

Yes, Rainwood’s OEM contract manufacturing services can accommodate small-batch production. We understand that different customers have varying requirements, and small-scale or startup enterprises may require production in smaller quantities. Whether your order is large or small, Rainwood is willing to collaborate and provide flexible solutions to ensure the manufacturing of your products with high quality and professionalism.

Does Rainwood provide sample production services?

Yes, Rainwood provides sample production services. Through sample production, clients can obtain practical experience and evaluation of the products, enabling more accurate decision-making.

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