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Oriental god fruit – Luo Han Guo extract

Luo Han Guo is a plant of The genus Luo Han Guo in the reed family. It is a unique and precious plant in China. It is also known as false balsam pear, La Jiang fruit, white hair fruit, etc. As a food and medicine plant, Luohan fruit is used as medicine. It has the functions of relieving heat and moistening lungs, clearing heat and reducing inflammation, and benefiting liver and spleen. Luo Han fruit has high nutritional value, is a kind of longevity fruit, known as “fairy fruit”.Momordica momordica contains momordica, protein, a small amount of fat, rich carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. The fruit components of Luohan fruit contain high sweetness of Luohan fructus, because of its high sweetness and low heat and safe to eat, it was widely used as a food additive in China in 1996. Carbutin does not generate heat, is a precious raw material in the beverage and confectionery industry, is a substitute for sucrose. Luo Han fruit also contains expectorant, cough relieving, asthma relieving active ingredients, its water extract has anti-inflammatory, protect liver, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, help digestion, anti-aging, tender skin and maintain beauty and weight loss.

As a new kind of low calorie, non-sugar sweetener, Rosinosine is widely used in food, additive and health care products industry. In the 1990s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Momordicin as a sweetener in foods.

The 100g dried fruit contains 7.1-7.8g protein, which contains 18 amino acids, including 10.82-11.33 mg glutamate, 9.39-11.25 mg aspartate, 5.25-5.55 mg valine, 4.99-6.68 mg alanine and 4.85-5.67 mg leucine.

In addition, every 100 grams of fresh fruit contains vitamin C about 400 mg ~ 500 mg, in addition also contains rich Luo Han guo sweet glucoside, Luo Han guo saponin, Luo Han guo polysaccharide, fructose, glucose, protein, fat and other nutrients.

Luo Han Guo extract is a light yellow to brownish yellow powder. It tastes very sweet, with a sweetness 240 times higher than that of sucrose, close to granulated sugar, and slightly similar to the aftertaste of licorice. The melting point of high purity Rosinosine was 197 ~ 201℃. Soluble in water and ethanol.

So, what are the functions of the Luo Han Guo Extract Powder?

1. Diabetes treatment

Luo Han Guo has a variety of pharmacological effects, combined action on diabetes, can contribute to the treatment of diabetes. The crude extract of Luohanguo has certain therapeutic effects on diabetic mice, which can achieve the similar effect of the hypoglycemic pill and inhibit the increase of blood glucose. Both saponins and flavones have antioxidant effects. On the one hand, they can restore the antioxidant ability of liver by reducing the production of lipid peroxides. On the other hand, it can eliminate superoxide anions and other free radicals in islet B cells to reduce the damage of islet cells, improve cell state, and restore the synthesis ability of islet cells. Studies have shown that fructus momordicae glycosides Ⅲ E can activate the AMPK pathway inhibition of gestational diabetes. Saponins also stabilize postprandial blood glucose levels by inhibiting -glucosidase activity and slowing down the absorption of polysaccharides from the small intestine.

2. Immune regulation function

Aqueous extract 25 g/kg, 50 g/kg lavage rats can obviously increase peripheral blood acidic alpha naphthyl acetate acid enzyme positive lymphocytes percentage, the ratio of specific rose wreath form cells, but does not affect peripheral blood neutrophil phagocytosis, showed that fructus momordicae has enhanced the cellular immunity and humoral immunity function of normal rats, but the nonspecific immune function of normal rats had no obvious effect.

3. Anti-tumor effect

Herbal tea saponin Ⅴ can by promoting apoptosis, cell G0 / G1 phase block, reduce the microvascular density (MVD) and tumor angiogenesis and suppress the development of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. At the same time, studies have shown that herbal tea saponin Ⅴ in prostate cancer, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma in all has certain inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis related gene in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cne – 1 (caspase 3, bax, etc.) increased expression, antiapoptotic gene (survivin, Bcl – 2) expression, inducing cancer cell apoptosis, and on the DMBA or TAP induced skin cancer in the model also has significant inhibitory effect. Herbal tea saponin Ⅳ E in laryngeal cancer and colorectal cancer have anti-cancer effect, it was found that herbal tea saponin Ⅳ E can be adjusted by raising the p53, p – ERK 1/2 and MMP – 9 and inhibition of colorectal cancer and laryngeal cancer cell proliferation, suggests that herbal tea saponin has antitumor effect.

4. Other functions

Luo Han Guo is often used as a drink in the folk. The aqueous extract of Luo Han Guo and its glucoside have obvious inhibitory effects on mouse cough induced by ammonia or sulfur dioxide, which can increase the tracheal phenol red excretion amount of mice and the sputum excretion amount of rats. Besides, the tracheal phenol red excretion amount and the cough suppression effect of rats are dose-dependent. Herbal extract can inhibit the growth of type C streptococcus mutans, including herbal tea saponin Ⅴ bacteriostatic effect is very obvious, which makes herbal tea has a unique role in the treatment of dental caries.The herbal extract has certain anti-fatigue effect, swimming depletion experiment showed that herbal tea extract has the anti-fatigue function, and a dose dependent, lactic acid in the blood increases speed slow, reduced levels of blood urea nitrogen, delay the onset of the body fatigue, testicular tissue of mice 7 a2 cytochrome C oxidase significantly lower than control group, herbal tea has a certain role in fatigue. Momordicin has a protective effect on chronic liver injury in rats, immunological liver injury in mice, and acute liver injury in mice. It can effectively reduce the activity of AST and ALT in serum, improve the pathological changes of liver tissues, and reduce MDA content and increase SOD activity in liver homogenates.

Luo Han Guo Extract Powder is one of the plant extracts. Are you worried that you can’t find good Luo Han Guo Extract Powder? From today onwards, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Shaanxi Rainwood Biotech is dedicated to the plant Extract industry, In this field not only have rich experience, also have a good reputation. Its aim is to create a health care raw material brand that everyone can rest assured, to solve your choice of trouble!


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