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Inulin – What are the effects and functions of it, and what should be paid attention to when eating ?

Intestinal tract is not only an important digestive organ of human body, but also the largest detoxification organ of human body. The key to intestinal health is to build a healthy intestinal ecological environment and a balanced intestinal flora. The intestine is an extremely complex ecosystem and the habitat of 1000 trillion anaerobic microorganisms. The microorganisms in the intestinal flora are mainly composed of bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses. They have the ability to resist infection and disease risk, and can also control the human body\’s response to cancer therapeutic drugs. More and more evidence shows that rich intestinal flora helps the human body absorb and utilize nutrients in food and enhance the immune system. Intestinal flora is of great significance for maintaining human health.


Inulin, also known as fructan, inulin. The taste of inulin is close to sucrose, but the sweetness is not high, which is only about one tenth of the sweetness of the same amount of sucrose. Many people know that inulin can be used as a sweetener, but ignore another important effect of inulin – moistening intestines and defecating. As the best natural prebiotic and water-soluble dietary fiber double supplement food, inulin has the functions of controlling blood lipid, reducing blood glucose and regulating intestinal microbial colony. It has been approved as a nutritional supplement for food by more than 40 countries in the world.

Efficacy of Lnulin

Inulin improves host intestinal flora by regulating microbial community

Studies have shown that non digestible carbohydrates containing oligofructose, inulin and inulin fructan fermented by intestinal microorganisms can regulate intestinal flora and alleviate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Inulin regulates host intestinal flora through anti-inflammatory

Studies have shown that obesity, diabetes and other disorders related to lipid metabolism are chronic low-grade inflammatory reactions, which can induce and promote the occurrence and development of diseases. The intake of dietary fiber is related to the reduction of systemic inflammation in healthy and sick adults. The supplement of soluble fiber in the food of asthmatic patients can reduce systemic inflammation and improve lung function. It was found that the use of a single dose of soluble fiber (3.5G inulin) can significantly reduce airway inflammation and improve lung function and airway hyperresponsiveness in asthmatic adults.

Inulin regulates host intestinal flora through gene regulation

Inulin can partially reduce intestinal inflammation caused by partial gene deletion. Studies have shown that oral inulin or butyric acid can partially reduce the symptoms of ileal colitis, barrier dysfunction and dyspepsia in caspase-8 gene knockout mice. It was found that AMPK signal pathway in cecal tissue was up-regulated after inulin was added. Intestinal flora plays an important role in maintaining healthy homeostasis, which mainly depends on the diversity of bacteria, the stability of flora structure and the balance of microecology. In the future, we can better understand how microbial flora interacts with host physiology through the post genome era, and finally treat diseases more targeted and effectively through the understanding of action mechanism.

More Information

According to the American Journal of practical nutrition published in 2015, regular use of inulin can reduce the rate of carbohydrate decomposition into glucose, which is conducive to controlling postprandial hyperglycemia. Therefore, inulin is a natural adjuvant hypoglycemic food for patients with type 2 diabetes or those with high blood sugar. In addition, it is also reported that long-term use of inulin can reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and reduce body weight.

In fact, many kinds of plants contain inulin, including chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, tequila, yam, banana, onion, garlic, asparagus, shallot, leek, wheat, etc., but chicory and Jerusalem artichoke have the highest inulin content (according to the analysis, chicory has the highest inulin content of 35% ~ 38%), followed by garlic and onion, with 10% ~ 16% inulin, Other plants generally contain no more than 10% inulin, so most of the inulin on the market is extracted from chicory or Jerusalem artichoke. Shaanxi  Rainwood  Biotech  Co.,  Ltd. inulin is extracted from natural chicory, so it is pure natural and healthy.

Incidentally, the heat of inulin is 1.5 calories per gram, which is much lower than that of white sugar, and white sugar is a \”disaccharide\”, which can be quickly decomposed into glucose and fructose after entering the digestive tract (the former can quickly increase blood sugar). Inulin is a natural polysaccharide and will not be broken down into monosaccharides by enzymes after entering the digestive tract. According to foreign researchers, the adult dose of inulin is 8g per day. If a large amount of inulin is taken, it will cause side effects such as abdominal distension or diarrhea.

Other Effects of Inulin

1. Inulin can reduce blood glucose and dilute the concentration of blood glucose

*Blood glucose decreased

Eating inulin on an empty stomach or drinking inulin concentrate can immediately reduce blood glucose. Many people obviously feel the decrease of blood sugar in a very short time. The following are the reports of 6 patients who ate inulin or drank inulin concentrate for 10 consecutive days:

(Note: the unit of blood glucose is mg / dl, which refers to the glucose content per deciliter. When normal people are fasting, the glucose content per deciliter is 80-100 mg. If it is lower than this standard, it is hypoglycemia, and if it is higher than this standard, it is hyperglycemia.)

*Reduce the symptoms of diabetes

When people used to eat inulin powder before, people did not find inulin had special effects in the treatment of diabetes. After investigation, relevant people found that the reaction of long-term inulin use \”no weakness\”, \”no feeling of thirst\”, \”fewer times to go to the toilet at night\”, \”eyes become bright\” and so on.

2. The digestive and defecation functions are enhanced, which has a miraculous effect on the treatment of constipation

Many people who ate inulin obviously felt that their gastrointestinal function was enhanced and their stools began to flow smoothly. At the same time, after taking inulin, it can enhance the peristalsis ability of the intestine and discharge odor gas, so as to restore the health of the intestine, especially for some habitual constipation and intractable constipation.

3. Enhance metabolism and quickly recover scalds and other injured wounds

Enhanced metabolic function and make the whole body feel warm and energetic. Especially the hands and feet get warm. When taking inulin on an empty stomach, you can obviously feel your body warm in 30 minutes, even in winter. There is also continuous eating inulin, obviously feeling that the skin becomes smooth, and the acne on the face and the wounds on the body disappear quickly. Inulin has a good effect on dermatitis.

4. Skin beautifying

The \”skin beautifying\” provided by the Japanese inulin Research Association shows that eating inulin has a good effect on the skin. Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the pioneer of inulin research, once said that inulin can reduce the pigmentation of the skin, whiten and beautify the skin, and make the skin bright, tender and shiny.

People without diabetes drank 50-100 milliliters of inulin solution every day, and the skin turned white after 3 months. And the original pigment and small pimples on the face also disappeared completely.

5. It has special effects on colorectal cancer

According to reports in the United States, inulin is effective in the treatment of colorectal cancer. The United States had a special institution to study inulin in 2003. There is a case in Japan where a patient with terminal cancer recovers quickly after taking inulin.

6. Improve vascular disorders

Inulin is very effective in improving vascular disorders. There are many reports about inulin reducing blood lipid and cholesterol.

7. Weight loss effect

Inulin mainly promotes the absorption of vitamins and trace elements by adjusting the movement of intestines and stomach, so as to be healthy and energetic, which in turn promotes the consumption of energy in the body and achieves the purpose of weight loss. On the other hand, after taking inulin, the blood sugar decreases, the blood sugar will not rise, the insulin of the islets will not be secreted, the insulin will not be secreted, and the glucose will not be stored in the cells, so the body will not get fat. On this basis, proper exercise will burn some fat to achieve the purpose of slimming.

8. Protect liver function

The experiment showed that a 69 year old patient with liver cirrhosis received 10 grams of inulin oligosaccharide every day, and his symptoms of liver coma and constipation were relieved after about 5 days.

9. Low or no energy

Inulin oligosaccharides are difficult or not to be digested and absorbed by human body. The energy value of them is very low or not at all, so it can play a role in low-energy foods. It can satisfy the requirements of those who love sweets and worry about getting fat, and can also take effect in diabetics, obese patients and patients with low blood sugar.

10. Rapidly increase the number of bifidobacteria in the intestine

Promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria in colon at a 40 fold increasing rate. Adults ingested 10g inulin oligosaccharides per day, and the number of bifidobacteria per gram of feces increased by 20% after one week. Taking 10g inulin oligosaccharide every day can reduce the production of 44.6% toxic fermentation products and 40.9% harmful bacterial enzymes within 3 weeks.

11. Improvement of mild to moderate depression and anxiety

2-9 fructooligosaccharides in inulin can increase the expression of neurotrophic factors in brain cells, protect neurons from corticosterone induced damage, and have a good effect on mild and moderate depression. Because this kind of Fructooligosaccharide can affect the concentration of NE and 5-HT in the center, it has a good effect on mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

How To Eat Inulin Better?

(1) How to select products

Inulin are derived from natural food, and there is no chemical addition in the extraction process. On December 12, 2015, the EU issued a regulation approving the health claim that chicory and inulin help maintain normal intestinal function. Products with inulin content greater than 90% and polymerization degree of 2-60 are recommended.

Rainwood BIO committed to plant extract research and development, has more than 15 years experience, certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC CERTIFICATE. You will get the cheapest price and best quality from us. Welcome for your inquiry.

(2) The rhythm of eating

If the intestinal flora has lost its balance, it is difficult to reverse the situation by eating more vegetables and fruits alone. At this time, you can rely on inulin products, which will take about 3 to 6 months. After the intestinal flora recovers its balance, gradually stop the products and instead obtain prebiotics from foods (garlic, onion and leek) to maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

(3) You can\’t eat more

What the intestinal flora needs is a balance, too much is better than less. Eating too much is definitely not enough. Eat according to the product instructions.

(4) A small number of meals

From the perspective of helping defecation, it should be better to eat an empty meal in the morning, but from the perspective of supplementing prebiotics, it would be better to eat a small amount of more meals. Therefore, we can strike a balance between them in different periods.

(5) Don\’t rush

The effect on constipation and chronic diarrhea is very fast, and most of them take effect within 2 weeks. For the elderly who are not in good health, they may not see the effect for a month. Don\’t worry and don\’t increase the amount.

(6) Vary from person to person

How to eat inulin scientifically ultimately needs to be tested by yourself, and the body will give you an accurate answer. As long as you are the problem of intestinal flora, as long as the prebiotics you eat are reliable.

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