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In-Depth Understanding of Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali (Tongkat Ali), whose botanical name is Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is a shrub herb commonly found on the slopes of tropical rain forests in Malaysia. It is a “bitter medicine” because its taste is quite bitter, but it has the effect of curing various diseases and ailments. Tongkat Ali also has the nickname \”Earth-based\” because its roots are quite orange and solid. It is round and long, like a sucker deep into the heart of the earth; it is given the name of a malay warrior with masculine masculinity because it has the effect of promoting health and enhancing masculinity.

Tongkat Ali is also called Nanyang Ginseng or Native Ginseng. It was originally collected from its roots, and later cut into slices to be directly used as medicine or used in soups. It nourishes the body and improves the body’s ability to resist diseases. In addition, Tongkat Ali The fruit, leaves and bark of the fruit can be used as medicine, and their medicinal effects are particularly outstanding after they are used as medicine, which can treat many different diseases.

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Main effects of Tongkat Ali extract

Strong kidney

Tongkat Ali extract promotes the human body to secrete more hormones, male hormones, progesterone, etc. through its unique biological components, enhances blood circulation and metabolism, and increases kidney power.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that \”kidney is the innate foundation\”, which is in charge of human body\’s growth and development, reproduction, water and fluid metabolism, qi absorption and other functions. Through its unique biochemical composition, it promotes the human body to secrete more hormones, male hormones, progesterone, etc., which can regulate human body secretion, balance the body\’s own Yin and Yang, enhance blood circulation and metabolism, increase kidney power, and prolong human body Kidney vitality is about 50 years, making people healthier and living longer.

Medical research has proved that male hormones reach their peak (100%) when the human body is 20 years old, and only 20-50% remain at the age of 80, with an average annual decline of 2%. In fact, when many men are 50-60 years old, their testosterone levels have fallen below 350ng/mg, which is considered the lowest healthy level in medicine. Normally, the human blood should contain 500-1100ng/mg of testosterone.

Tongkat Ali extract can promote the body to produce more testosterone by up to 440%. When the level of testosterone in the body rises, the sex hormone will signal the body to reduce or stop its own testosterone production. This is called a \”negative reaction.\” It can intercept these \”negative response\” signals, so that the body continues to produce high levels of testosterone. Because the production of testosterone is at full speed, the penis and testicles will become larger in size. More research has further proved the principle of Ali as an effective and unique sexual stimulant.

Treat gout

Tongkat Ali extract contains a natural ingredient of probenecid, which can effectively regulate human body secretion, inhibit uric acid synthesis, and prevent uric acid from being deposited in human joints, cartilage, soft tissues and other parts in the form of sodium salt crystals.

British herbalist Dr. Kamal Ketuly and pharmacologists from the Malaysian Academy of Sciences analyzed the chemical composition of Ali in the laboratory of the Rainforest Herbal Company and found that it contained a natural phytochemical composition called probenecid. The ingredients can effectively regulate human body secretion and inhibit the synthesis of uric acid, so that uric acid will not be deposited in the joints, cartilage, soft tissues and other parts of the human body in the form of sodium salt crystals. This surprising discovery led them to infer that it has a therapeutic effect on gout.

Next, pharmacologists recruited 100 patients with different degrees of gout for clinical trials.

The result is: after three days of taking it, the subjects’ pain was significantly reduced, and all the joint redness and swelling disappeared after one week. By testing the uric acid level of the subjects, it was found that after one week of taking it, 86 subjects out of 100 subjects had an increase in uric acid level. Pharmacologists believe that the increase in uric acid level is due to the melting of uric acid crystals deposited in the joints and cartilage tissues to increase the concentration. Four weeks later, when the concentration of uric acid was diluted and excreted from the body, the uric acid value dropped below 0.42 millimolar (standard value); the other 14 patients with severe gout did not experience the above conditions until eight weeks after taking it. In the face of scientific data, the scientists affirmed their inferences and concluded that Tongkat Ali has a significant effect on gout.

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(1) Researchers at Tokyo University School of Medicine in Japan isolated anticancer substances from Tongkat Ali extract. They have proved through experiments that the beta-carboline substance extracted from it has a powerful therapeutic effect on lung cancer and breast cancer.

(2) A joint research conducted by a research institution funded by the Malaysian government and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States found that Ali contains potent anti-cancer and anti-HIV (AIDS) ingredients. According to the director of the Malaysian Forest Research Institute, the chemical ingredients in it are more effective than existing anticancer drugs. In addition, other experiments also proved that the Auassinoid chemical composition contained in it can be anti-tumor and anti-febrile.

Promote fertility

Tongkat Ali extract is also very effective in improving fertility. In animal experiments, the male offspring is three times higher than the female offspring. Effectively improve sperm quality, size, movement speed, quantity, and increase ovulation. In laboratory experiments on white mice, the volume of pups from female rats who took the drug doubled compared to that of female rats who did not take the drug.


Improve human immunity

Tongkat Ali extract can enhance immunity, strengthen physical fitness, resist stress, resist fatigue, relieve depression, and make you energetic and full of energy all day long. Its flavonoid content is 5 times that of ginseng, which is more effective than ginseng.

Malaysian researchers discovered that Ali contains an Antioxidant Enzyme (antioxidant enzyme), which can resist the chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body.

Treatment of prostatitis

Tongkat Ali extract has 3 necessary conditions for the treatment of prostatitis:

(1) It can greatly increase the level of testosterone in the human body, so as to improve the immunity of the human body and enhance and nourish the function of the human gonads;

(2) It can use its unique and powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to act on the gonads of the human body;

(3) It can strengthen the blood circulation of the human body, help the drug effect enter the prostate, promote the drug effect, and truly eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis.


In 1995, it was reported that the Quissinoid substance extracted from Tongkat Ali has antipyretic and anti-fever functions. This experiment shows that Quissinoid\’s fever-reducing effect is twice as strong as aspirin.



The biological research on Tongkat Ali extract began in the 1980s. These studies have found that the alkaloids and biological peptides contained in its roots can effectively kill malaria bacteria.

Appropriate serving people

Workplace Crowd

Improve physical functions, quickly replenish energy, eliminate fatigue, and restore physical strength.

People who are weak and frail

Regulates the kidneys, promotes the secretion of male hormones, promotes the growth of human muscles and strength, and improves human immunity.

Middle-aged crisis crowd

It nourishes and nourishes the gonadal system, treats male physiological problems, and keeps men at their peak for a long time.

Geriatric population

Tongkat Ali extract can relieve the symptoms of high blood pressure and diabetes, and has a special effect on the treatment of prostatitis and gout.

Pregnancy population

Tongkat Ali extract can enhance male sexual performance, increase the quantity and quality of sperm, and nourish female uterus and ovaries, which is beneficial to female pregnancy.

Maintenance-loving women

Improve the female endocrine system, maintain the vitality of the body by enhancing blood circulation and metabolism, and make women younger.

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