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If you want to know about salicylic acid, this article is enough

Salicylic acid is a very old skin drug extracted from willow bark, poplar leaves and sweet birch. It is chemically classified as -hydroxy acid or BHA.Salicylic acid is very fat-soluble and can be used to clear blocked pores by combining with sebum and penetrating deep into pores. Pore constriction: Penetrates into pores to remove aged keratinocytes, dregs blocked pores, blocks the formation of acne and shrinks pores.

Delay senility: promotes skin metabolism, can dissolve cuticle to improve skin surface condition, delay senility, let the skin restore smooth and meticulous.

Oil control acne: can control oil secretion, improve the hair follicle wall unclean state, so the treatment of blackheads, acne have a very good effect.

Whitening spots: Salicylic acid can help peel off the aged keratinocytes and prevent pigmentation if pigment is deposited on the skin\’s surface.

Bactericidal inhibition: can inhibit the growth of bacteria, to prevent further reproduction of bacteria. However, salicylic acid is not strong in sterilization, so most salicylic acid based products will add antibacterial components, play a synergistic role.

Inhibiting dermatitis: Salicylic acid’s anti-inflammatory properties allow emergency skin to return to normal, preventing skin cells from overreacting, secreting too much melanin and other problems. The usual use of aspirin, and methyl salicylic acid is the use of salicylic acid this characteristic.

Salicylic acid suits to slant oily skin quite, slant dry sex skin had better use small sample first, have no problem again large quantities of use. Products containing salicylic acid can be used as a short-term emergency product. Long-term heavy use is not recommended, even for tolerable thick skins. Salicylic acid poisoning may occur if it is used in large quantities, even at low concentrations, for a long time. Performance for: tinnitus, dizziness, burnout, nausea and electrolyte imbalance, etc.

People with sensitive skin should not use skin care products containing salicylic acid! Because it can damage the cuticle, reduce the skin’s defenses, and even cause skin allergies and redness. For sensitive skin, use mild cosmeceuticals. Dry skin is better for acid use.

How to use salicylic acid: Apply salicylic acid to the problem skin and stop using it every day after the skin improves.

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