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Exploring NMN and NAD+ Key Molecules Behind Aging and Cellular Health

And as this amazing substance is being talked about more and more, what is NMN? What happens if you eat it? Let me give you a brief overview of the functions and effects of NMN. The following is a summary of the specific functions and effects of NMN on the human body. When NMN enters the body and becomes NAD+, it plays an important role in energy and substance metabolism. In terms of the TRICarboxylic acid cycle alone, the tricarboxylic acid cycle is the final metabolic pathway of the three major nutrients (sugars, lipids and amino acids) of the human body, and also the hub of the metabolism of sugars, lipids and amino acids. The tricarboxylic acid cycle also provides a large amount of energy for the organism, which is the energy hub of the organism. NAD+ plays a fundamental role in human health. However, as we age, the amount of NAD+ in the body gradually decreases, and the communication between mitochondria and nucleus is impaired. The reduction of NAD+ also impairs the cell’s ability to produce energy, leading to aging and disease.

Efficacy: a catalyst to produce the energy needed for the human body life activity in cells mitochondria are a cell’s power plants, NAD + (coenzyme I) is the Krebs cycle in the oxidative metabolism of the mitochondria in the aerobic generated energy molecule ATP important coenzyme, make human body obtained by three types of nutrients, protein, fat and sugar, through the Krebs cycle into human body needs energy and other material needed for the metabolic activity. Efficacy 2: Anti-aging function

NAD+(coenzyme I) maintains the chemical communication between the nucleus and mitochondria, and if this communication is weakened, it will lead to the decline of mitochondria, which is an important cause of cell senescence. NAD+(coenzyme I) can maintain the normal expression of genes, maintain the full-time function of cells, and slow down the process of cell evolution into senescent cells. Benefit 3: Repair DNA

NAD+(coenzyme I) is consumed as a substrate to produce gene repair enzyme PARP1. At the same time, PARP1, which is inactivated due to the binding of protein DBC1, can be isolated and restored. PARP1 can recode the damaged gene in accordance with the normal gene sequence to repair the gene. Function 4: Maintain the regeneration ability of capillaries muscle cells release growth factors during movement, while capillary epidermal cells receive growth factors and accelerate their growth. This process depends on the longevity protein Sirtuin1 produced by NAD+(coenzyme I). The older people are, the less NAD+(coenzyme I) is, and the worse the effect of exercise on stimulating muscle growth will be.Alcohol metabolism Alcohol metabolism is divided into two steps, first into toxic acetaldehyde, and then further into harmless acetic acid, each step must rely on the catalysis of coenzyme I. According to related statistics, often taking NMN love themself, can appear the following effect feedback: the effort to improve and strength improvement, increase of fat reducing muscle movement ability, improve the skin, hair loss reduction, proliferation, improve sleep, clock, immune regulation, allergies, sexual enhancement, boost appetite, visual fatigue, vision improvement, mood-elevating, hyperglycemia descent, hypertension, systolic blood pressure, low blood pressure returned to normal, constipation, improve, and so on, vary from person to person.

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