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Epimedium Extract—Good Medicine For Kidney

Epimedium is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine in China, with high medicinal value, perennial herb, plant height 20-60 cm, rhizome stubby, lignified, dark brown, erect stem, ribbed, glabrous, usually without Basal leaves are distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, and other places. They are born in hillsides, under forest grasses, and prefer shaded wetlands. Nourishes yin and replenishes yang, strengthens yang, and strengthens the body.

Epimedium is a traditional Chinese medicine tonic, which has the functions of tonifying the yang and kidney, strengthening the bones, and dispelling rheumatism. It can effectively inhibit staphylococcus and anti-aging. Icariin is one of its active ingredients, which can effectively improve the cardiovascular system, adjust endocrine, and improve endocrine. In addition, it is noteworthy that Epimedium also has anti-cancer effects and is known as the most potent anti-cancer drug.

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The main effect of Epimedium Extract

Effects on Sexual Function

Epimedium extract can enhance the secretion function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, adrenal cortex axis, thymus axis, and other endocrine systems. Epimedium boiled extract 1ml/100g body weight was used in female rats, and after 5 days, the responsiveness of the pituitary to luteinizing-releasing hormone and the responsiveness of ovarian luteinizing hormone; the anterior pituitary, ovary, and uterus of normal rats were significantly increased. weight. Epimedium extract has a stimulating effect, this effect is due to the hyperactive semen secretion, after the seminal vesicle is complete, it stimulates the sensory nerves and indirectly stimulates sexual desire.

Anti-aging effect

Experiments show that the flavonoids of Epimedium extract can significantly restore the function of T and B lymphocyte proliferation in D-galactose aging model male mice, and can significantly increase the activity of total SOD in the liver of mice, and reduce the peroxidation of liver tissue. The formation of lipids reduces the formation of lipofuscin in the heart, liver, and other tissues, but does not significantly reduce the lipofuscin in the brain.

Effects on the immune system

Experiments show that Epimedium polysaccharide can promote the production of Ts cells induced by SOI (super-optimal dose immunization) in donor mice, and enhance the inhibition of antibody production in recipient mice, and the antibody level is significantly lower than that in the SOI group; The production of cells was attenuated, and the antibody production level of the recipient mice was significantly higher than that of the SOI group. It has been reported that Epimedium polysaccharides can affect the primary and secondary humoral immune responses. There are also reports that subcutaneous injection of Epimedium polysaccharide 50mg/kg into mice can increase the production of spleen antibodies by more than 1 time, and also significantly increase serum antibody levels.

Effects on the cardiovascular system

Experiments have shown that the extract of Epimedium and the non-amino acid part extracted from 200% Epimedium water extract tablets can significantly increase coronary flow in isolated rabbit hearts. Perfusion of isolated guinea pig hearts with 0.5ml of 200% Epimedium decoction can increase the coronary flow by an average of 126.6%. Intravenous injection of the non-amino acid fraction extracted from Epimedium into dogs can significantly increase coronary flow and significantly reduce coronary resistance but has no significant effect on the heart.

Antitussive, expectorant, and asthmatic effects

It was proved by the mouse phenol red excretion method that the fresh crude extract of Epimedium extract and the dry ethyl acetate extract has a certain expectorant effect. The method of inducing cough with sulfur dioxide in mice proved that the extracts of methanol and ethyl acetate have antitussive effects; the extracts of methanol can also inhibit the cough caused by stimulating the superior laryngeal nerve of cats. Methanol extract has a protective effect on drug-induced asthma.

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