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Cranberry extract: North American ruby, the essential herb for women’s health

Speaking of cranberries, no one will feel strange.Dubbed the \”Ruby of North America,\” the super fruit has become a ubiquitous food ingredient in everything from snacks to health supplements. 

Cranberry, also known as cranberry, mainly grows in acidic peat soil in the cool zone of the northern Hemisphere, and is favored by people because of its characteristics of high moisture, low heat, high fiber and many minerals.A cranberry is a small round berry with bright red skin and flesh that grows on short vines.Can be used as fruit, with a unique sweet and sour taste, fresh and refreshing;It can also be used to make fruit juice, jam, etc.Due to the special requirements of growing environment and climate conditions, cranberries are produced on less than 40,000 acres worldwide, with limited and precious yield.

The height of the plant is 5 ~ 20 cm, with rattan branches spreading about 2 m.It has 5 to 10 mm oval leaves and dark pink flowers, with bent petals and exposed stamens pointing forward. The whole looks like a crane. The flowers resemble a crane\’s head and beak, hence the cranberry is also called \”cranberry\”.Its fruit is 2 ~ 5 cm long oval berries, from white to dark red, eat a heavy sour slightly sweet taste.Cranberries are mainly grown in the cold northern Hemisphere, limited to the northern States of The United States such as Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Maine, and Quebec and Columbia in Canada, as well as Chile in South America, and a small patch in northeastern Europe.The United States produces 95% of the world\’s output, with Wisconsin at number one, accounting for 50% of the total, and Massachusetts at number two, accounting for 28%.The increase in production is due to increasing demand for cranberry products, which are often sold as frozen fruits or processed into canned, jam and juice products due to the inability to store and transport cranberries.

Cranberries have a long history in North America, where they were first eaten in native American states.They make cranberries into jam, dried fruit and other foods;He also used cranberry juice to soothe his wounds.As a dye to dye the cloth.In the 15th century, European colonists first arrived on the North American continent. Due to the inadaptability to the environment, various diseases appeared.The Indians introduced cranberries to the settlers. The health benefits of cranberries played a big role in restoring the health of The European settlers. They fell in love with the cranberries and promoted their planting.Immigrants exported cranberries to Europe as a tribute to Europe\’s aristocracy.In 1677, the New England colonial government presented the English king with three native American products, including Indian corn, cod, and cranberries.But after the long voyage, the cod and the corn were spoiled, and only the cranberries appeared in their original form to the English king.

Since then, cranberries have gained a reputation for being long-lasting and non-perishable.Three hundred years ago, a Captain in New Jersey took a large supply of dried cranberries on a long sea voyage and accidentally discovered that cranberries could cure scurvy.Since then, cranberries have been favored as a food to prevent scurvy.During the American Revolutionary War, a veteran named Holhenry established a cranberry farm in the small town of Dennis, Massachusetts, which is the earliest record of commercial cranberry cultivation.Over the next 200 years, with the progress of planting technology and the exploration of cranberry\’s health function, the health effect of cranberry was more and more understood, and the planting scale and yield continued to increase.


1. Female Health

Cranberries are known for their excellent health care for women.Cranberry contains proanthocyanidin, ellagic acid, phenolic acid, resveratrol and other substances, with antibacterial effect.Flavonoids in cranberry have antioxidant function in vivo and in vitro, especially flavonols and procyanidins have preventive effect on atherosclerosis.

2. Prevention of urinary Tract infection

Cranberry is the most unique efficacy can effectively prevent urinary tract infection (UTI), urinary tract infections are caused by e. coli (80% ~ 90%, the research on the function mechanism of the scholars at home and abroad for many years, people have considered early cranberry in various acid can increase the acid value of the urine in the bladder, forming the urethra strongly acidic environment kill e. coli.In 1998, Howell AB, a scientist at the State University of New Jersey, et al., reported for the first time that the active agent responsible for inhibiting urinary infection in cranberries was isolated from cranberries and obtained concentrated tannin, or procyanidins (PACs).Procyanidins are concentrated tannins, mainly oligomers or polymers of catechin and epicatechin. The content of procyanidins in cranberries is 34.3 mg/100 g.A large number of studies have shown that it is resistant to bacterial adhesion and can prevent pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli from adhering to the epithelial cells of the urethra and the bladder wall, and the pathogenic bacteria will flow away with the urine, thus preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infection.

3. H. pylori resistance

Cranberry contains proanthocyanidin, ellagic acid, phenolic acid, resveratrol and other substances, with antibacterial effect.Many studies have shown that cranberry can inhibit the infection of H. pylori, and has a good effect on the prevention of gastric ulcer, gastric cancer and duodenal ulcer.

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