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Centella Asiatica Extract-The Magician of Skin Repair

About Centella Asiatica Extract

Centellaasiatica (L.) Urban, also known as Gotu Kola, is native to India and is now widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In my country, it is mainly distributed in provinces south of the Yangtze River. Centella asiatica has been used as a medicinal herb in China for thousands of years, and Indian traditional medicine also regards it as a good medicine for healing wounds.

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Benefits of Centella Asiatica Extract

Inhibit fibrous tissue proliferation

Asiaticoside can inhibit collagen fibers and has the effect of inhibiting the proliferation of fibrous tissue.

Effect on skin tissue

Rabbit intramuscular injection can promote skin growth, increase local white blood cells, increase connective tissue vascular network, increase mucus secretion, accelerate fur proliferation, and inhibit skin ulcers. Asiaticoside can treat skin ulcers, such as intractable wounds, skin tuberculosis, leprosy and so on. Intramuscular injection or subcutaneous implantation in mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits can promote skin growth, local leukocytosis, connective tissue vascular network proliferation, increased mucus secretion, and accelerated hair and tail growth. It has been reported that creams containing 0.25-1% alcohol extract of Centella asiatica have been used to treat skin diseases and have achieved good results.

Sedative and stabilizing effect

The glycosides contained in Centella asiatica extract have sedative and stable effects on mice and rats, and this effect is mainly to affect the cholinergic system in the central nervous system. The alcohol extract has no analgesic effect.

Clearing away heat and dampness

Treats sore throat, sore mouth and tongue, headache, body heat, thirst, etc.

Activating blood to remove blood stasis

Used for bruises, swelling and pain, insect bites, joint swelling, etc.

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

Treatment of herpes zoster, dysentery, damp-heat jaundice, edema, and drenching syndrome caused by viruses or bacteria. It can also be used for erysipelas, scrofula, pro-sores and swollen toxin.

Diuresis and spleen

It can treat watery diarrhea and dysentery caused by damp heat. It is also used for gastric bloating and stomachache, gas insufficiency, indigestion, bloating and hiccups, malnutrition in children.

Hemostatic effect

It is used for various bleeding such as blood in urine, epistaxis, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, hematochezia, hemorrhoid bleeding, stomach bleeding, traumatic bleeding, etc. It has the effect of stopping bleeding and relieving pain.

Improve memory

Modern medical research has found that Centella asiatica does have the effect of improving memory. Rosemary also has a similar effect. Frequently smelling the essential oil made from rosemary can regulate the brain stress hormone cortisol and keep you awake at all times.

Other effects

The alcohol extract can relax the isolated rat ileum, and the glycosides can reduce the tension and contraction range of the isolated ileum of rabbits and rats, and can slightly inhibit the effect of acetylcholine. For anesthetized dogs, intravenous injection can cause mildly excited breathing, slower heart rate and moderately lower blood pressure. The latter two cannot be blocked by atropine. It has been reported that Asiaticoside has a therapeutic effect on leprosy.

What is the role of Centella asiatica extract in cosmetics?

Cosmetics mainly use the dry whole plant of Centella asiatica. Its main active ingredients are madecassoside, madecassoside, madecassoside, and madecassoside acid; among them, madecassoside and madecassoside are triterpenes Saponins, asiatic acid and madecassic acid belong to triterpene acid compounds.

In addition, Centella Asiatica extract contains a variety of triterpenoids, including α-anorinol structure. The main ingredients are madecassoside and madecassoside. It is commonly known as plant collagen, which promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, enhances the vitality of cell basal cells, maintains skin elasticity and firmness; antioxidant, inhibits free radical activity, and regulates skin Immunity; dilute melanin pigmentation, renew skin cell regeneration; increase skin water retention, activate and renew skin cells; anti-allergic protection, protect skin from external damage.

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Scar Repair

Asiaticoside can stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and activate the SMAD signaling pathway, increase the production of type I collagen, which has the activity of healing wounds, and can reduce the formation of stretch marks. Centella asiatica extract can significantly promote the deposition of extracellular matrix proteins. It can promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, increase the synthesis of collagen, and reduce the activity of metalloproteinases, thereby increasing the deposition of collagen and free intracellular proliferation. The level of amino acid.

Anti-inflammatory And Anti-allergic

In in vitro experiments, it was found that TECA can inhibit the inflammatory response induced by LPS, and can effectively reduce the level of IgE and the release of inflammatory cytokines (IgE can induce the activation of mast cells and release a variety of allergic mediators, such as cytokines, histamine, etc.). Studies have shown that TECA can inactivate macrophages in the skin, thereby reducing skin inflammation and atopic reactions. Therefore, Centella asiatica extract can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic natural ingredient in cosmetics to relieve facial acne, redness, allergies and other symptoms.

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