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Are you looking for bulk dietary supplement ingredients?

Whether you are a manufacturer, brand owner, or nutrition expert, Rainwood provides you with high-quality bulk supplement ingredients. We are a reputable wholesale supplier offering a wide range of supplement ingredients to meet your product needs. We have established good partnerships with businesses in over 50 countries worldwide, and we aim to expand our collaborations and recommend our premium ingredients to more companies in the future.

Our ingredient offerings include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, plant extracts, herbs and botanicals, dietary fibers, and more. We work with reliable manufacturers to ensure the quality and purity of our ingredients. We also collaborate with reputable third-party laboratories to conduct reliable and safe testing on our materials. For over a decade, we have been sourcing sustainable locations for ingredient cultivation, focusing on promoting human health and longevity while protecting the environment.

Whether you require custom formulations or choose from our existing supplement ingredient options, we can meet your needs. We offer competitive pricing and flexible purchasing options to accommodate your business model and budget. We take pride in being innovators and leaders in the herbal supplement industry. Our advantages for OEM partners include direct sourcing of premium herbs, rigorous species verification, comprehensive testing for contaminants, progressive quality assurance, and multiple format options for maximum convenience.

RainWood will manufacture formulations according to your specifications so that you can sell products you trust or treat your patients in the way you deem best. With our extensive quality assurance practices, including compliance with the strictest global ISO certifications, you can confidently offer these herbal formulations.

Whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, or individual brand owner, we can meet your bulk raw material procurement needs. Contact us for more information about wholesale supplement ingredients and start your journey toward customized products!

Pricing and Purchasing Options for Customized Products

Different procurements and vendors have different requirements. Please contact us to obtain more product quotations. We will provide you with price lists, wholesale prices, or products and quotations based on your specific requirements.

When it comes to customization, here are RainWood’s suggestions:

Consider product specifications and customization requirements: The specifications and customization requirements of the product will impact the pricing. Ensure that you specify the ingredients, formulations, packaging, label requirements, etc., that you need. These factors will affect the complexity of the product, production costs, and pricing.

Consider order quantity: Generally, large volume orders can secure more competitive prices. However, at RainWood, we are dedicated to serving you regardless of the size of your order requirements. If you have significant demand and can make bulk purchases, you may be able to obtain more favorable prices and purchasing terms.

Consider long-term collaboration: If you plan for long-term collaboration, establishing a stable partnership with RainWood may bring more advantages and flexible purchasing options. Please contact us to discuss potential collaboration terms and preferential policies.


How to choose high-quality and pure raw material suppliers?

Reputation and credibility: Rainwood has a strong reputation and credibility. We welcome businesses to conduct background checks and learn about us. We hold various certifications and qualifications such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, ISO certification, etc.

Quality assurance: We have stringent quality assurance measures, traceable quality control, and testing methods to ensure the consistency and purity of raw materials. Learn about Rainwood’s laboratory facilities and quality control processes, including collaborations with third-party testing agencies.

Reliable supply chain: Rainwood has a reliable supply chain system. We can provide a stable supply and ensure the traceability of raw materials.

Certifications and compliance: All Rainwood products comply with applicable regulations and standards, including food safety standards, pharmaceutical requirements, etc.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility: Rainwood is committed to sustainability and environmental initiatives. We collaborate with suppliers who prioritize sustainable cultivation and production methods to ensure the quality and environmental friendliness of raw materials.

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