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Another giant star of the arbutin family—beta-arbutin

Arbutin is extracted from green plants. It is safe and reliable, and will not cause toxicity and irritation to melanocytes. In addition, it has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Arbutin is widely used in cosmetics. As an emollient and whitening agent, arbutin can whiten and brighten skin tone by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, thus reducing the generation of melanin. In addition, arbutin can combine with tyrosinase itself, accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of melanin, reduce pigment precipitation, and effectively remove color spots.

Arbutin can be divided into type and type according to its structure, which can inhibit tyramine enzyme to achieve whitening effect. At present, the type is most widely used, and detailed studies have been conducted.It is claimed that the concentration of type added to type 1 can inhibit tyraminase production and achieve whitening effect, but detailed toxicological studies have not been seen.

Many treatments with alpha ursolin claim to have a whitening effect ten times higher than that of traditional ursols. However, there are no clear data and experimental reports to confirm the efficacy, but the whitening effect is still positive.

Most of the arbutin on the market is -arbutin, and only a few manufacturers produce -arbutin, and the price is about eight times of the former.But the whitening effect is 15 times more than the former.

The biggest physical difference between the two is the rotation: the -arbutin is about 180 degrees, while the -arbutin is about -60 degrees.

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Beta Arbutin is one of our hot sell product. Are you worried that you can’t find good Beta Arbutin? From today onwards, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Shaanxi Ronchn Biotech is dedicated to cosmetic industryIn this field not only have rich experience, also have a good reputation. Its aim is to create a health care raw material brand that everyone can rest assured, to solve your choice of trouble!

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