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An anti-aging elixir—Cycloastragenol

Ring of astragalus membranaceus alcohol (Cycloastragenol), belongs to the triterpenoid saponins compounds, mainly composed of radix astragali methyl glucoside (Astragaloside Ⅳ) of hydrolysis. Cycloastragalus alcohol is the only telomerase activator found at present, which can delay the shortening of telomeres by increasing telomerase. Cycloastragalus alcohol is believed to have anti-aging effect

(1) Enhance immunity and disease resistance of the organism.

It can eliminate foreign bodies invading the body with specificity and non-specificity, promote specific, immune and non-specific immunity, and improve the resistance ability of the body. It can promote the production of antibodies in the body, and significantly enhance the number of antibody forming cells and the value of hemolysis determination. Astragaloside IV can significantly improve the lymphocyte transformation level and E garland formation rate of coccidioideus immunized chickens, and is an effective activator of mononuclear macrophages system. Astragaloside IV can also improve the oxidation, improve the activity of GSH-PX and SOD in immune organs, and improve the function of immune defense and immune monitoring.

(2) Antiviral effect.

Its antiviral principle: stimulate the function of macrophages and T cells, so that the number of Cells forming E ring increases, induce cytokines, promote the induction of interleukin, and make the animal body produce endogenous interferon, so as to achieve the purpose of antiviral. The experimental results showed that the total protection rate of ASTRagaloside IV to IBD was 98.33%, which could effectively prevent and treat IBD, and there was no significant difference between astragaloside IV and egg yolk solution. Astragaloside IV can enhance the function of antioxidant enzyme system in the body, reduce the content of LP0, reduce the damage caused by reactive oxygen free radicals to the body, and thus reduce the morbidity and mortality of MD. It can improve the immune function depression caused by tumor, promote the activation and release of endogenous factors of immune cells, and prevent the killing and inhibition of tumor cells caused by peroxidation. Astragaloside IV has the effect of inhibiting the growth of influenza virus and the activity of sialase, and has an obvious effect on the cell membrane function of influenza virus and its influence on the adsorption and penetration of sensitive cells by the virus. The mortality rate of poultry and the extent of decreasing egg production rate were greatly reduced, and the egg production rate and eggshell quality recovery were significantly better than that of the amantadine only control group. The effect of APS was not obvious. Astragaloside IV has a strong killing and inhibiting effect on ND virus. The premise is to use the astragalus armour glycosides ND infection virus found before, so it’s best to use for a long time astragalus glycosides, birds into myeloid leukemia (AMB) 3 AA broilers day age at the time of infection virus of AMB given astragalus glycosides, can reduce the morbidity and mortality of AMB, improve immune organs such as spleen and thymus of LPO content and significantly strengthen the spleen and thymus of pulp source sex tumour cells in immune organs of scavenging effect; Secondly, astragaloside iv also has an obvious preventive and therapeutic effect on respiratory diseases such as infectious laryngotractis of chickens.

(3) Anti-stress effect.

Astragalus armour glycosides can prevent stress reaction alert period of adrenal hyperplasia and thymic atrophy, prevent stress resistance stage and failure stage appear abnormal changes and anti-stress effect, especially in the process of nutrient metabolism enzyme two-way adjustment effect is remarkable, to a certain extent, alleviate and eliminate the influence of heat stress on the body\’s physiological function.

(4) As a growth stimulant.

It can enhance the function of cell physiological metabolism, promote blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of animal body, and play the role of nutrition and health care. Studies have shown that it can promote the growth of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, and has the effect of probiotics.

(5) Astragaloside IV can improve cardiopulmonary function.

Strengthens the heart contractile force, protects the myocardium, fights the heart failure. Also has the protection of the liver, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and other effects. It can be used as adjuvant therapy for various viral and bacterial diseases.

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