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About The Nutritional Value of Fish Collagen Peptides

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for about 1/4 of the total protein. As an extracellular protein, it exists in the connective tissue, bone and cartilage of the human body. It contains more than 90% of the bone and tendon. The skin tissue contains More than 50%, mainly four types of collagen, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and Ⅳ. The content of type I, II and III collagen in the organism is extremely rich, accounting for 80% to 90% of the total amount of collagen in the organism. The amino acid composition of collagen is different from other proteins. It is rich in glycine, proline and high content of hydroxyproline. Glycine accounts for about 30% of the total amino acids, and the proline content exceeds 10%. Collagen also has It has good water-locking properties and is an excellent cooperative moisturizer. Collagen products have the three functions of protecting skin moisture, increasing bone density, and strengthening immunity. They play an important role in beauty, fitness and bone strengthening. They are used in functional foods. , Health care products and cosmetics, etc. are widely used.

Fish collagen peptide refers to the by-products of fish processing such as fish meat or fish skin, fish scales, fish bones and low-value fish as raw materials, through proteolysis technology to obtain small molecule peptide products.

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Nutritional value of fish

Fish is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition and has a variety of health care functions. It is traditionally believed that eating fish can fight depression, prevent asthma, and become smarter. The results of modern research on the nutritional composition of fish show that the total nutritional value of fish is very high. Fish meat is rich in protein, and the amount and ratio of essential amino acids contained in it is the most suitable for human needs and is a good source of protein intake. Secondly, the fat content in fish meat is less, and it is mostly composed of unsaturated fatty acids. The human body absorption rate can reach 95%. It has the effect of reducing cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Moreover, fish meat is rich in minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, Calcium and other vitamins. Marine fish have more nutrients than freshwater fish, and have higher nutritional value. Marine fish body oil contains a highly unsaturated fatty acid that is not found in land animals and plants. It contains a component called DHA, which is the brain. The necessary nutrients are very important for improving memory and thinking ability. In addition, the content of omega-3 fatty acids and taurine in marine fish is much higher than that in freshwater fish, which has a protective effect on the heart and brain. Different types of fish have different nutritional values, but in general, fish have rich nutritional values.

At present, the raw materials for the development of active peptides using fish are mainly by-products of processing aquatic products, such as the skin, fins, bones, and scales of deep-sea fish, as well as small trash fish and low-value fishes. They have abundant sources and yields. Huge, can not only reduce data waste and environmental pollution, but also increase the added value of fish. The collagen extracted from fish is mainly type I collagen, and it also contains type V collagen. The collagen peptides currently available on the market are mainly processed from the fish skin and bones of deep-sea fish, such as tilapia scales and fish skins, cod scales and fish skins, salmon skins and fish bones, etc. Compared with other fishes, deep-sea fish have low pollution and high nutritional value. They are loved by consumers, such as tilapia collagen peptides, deep-sea cod collagen peptides, deep-sea salmon collagen peptides, marine fish cartilage peptides, and marine fish. Fish peptides and other products.

Source of fish collagen

Extract collagen from the skin and bones of animals (mostly pigs and cattle)

Because collagen extracted from animals has certain limitations in absorption rate, and with the fear of highly pathogenic infectious diseases such as mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, and avian flu, this more traditional method is gradually eliminating the current collagen in the world. Mainly extracted from fish.

Collagen extracted from fish scales

At present, tilapia is most of the collagen extracted from fish scales in the world, because tilapia mainly grows in high-temperature freshwater waters and has more tenacious vitality. Under artificial feeding conditions, the growth rate is much faster than wild deep-sea fish, which greatly reduces the collagen extraction from fish. The raw material cost is also the more popular fish collagen.

Collagen extracted from deep-sea fish skin

At present, most of the collagen extracted from fish skin in the world is deep-sea cod skin. Cod is mainly produced in the Pacific Ocean near the Arctic Ocean and the cold waters of the North Atlantic. Important economic value. Because deep-sea cod has no risk of animal disease and artificial breeding drug residues in terms of safety, and contains its unique antifreeze protein, it is currently the most recognized fish collagen by women in various countries.

New process of collagen peptide membrane treatment traditional process of collagen

In the extraction process of collagen, the raw material fish scales, fish skin, fish bones, etc. are first mixed with an appropriate amount of water, then steamed at high temperature, under appropriate pH conditions, and an appropriate amount of enzymatic hydrolysis agent is added to perform enzymatic extraction to complete Afterwards, it is finely filtered; the filtrate enters the evaporation concentration system for concentration and dehydration. After the concentrated liquid reaches a certain concentration, it enters the spray drying equipment, and the obtained powder is collagen.

The efficacy and function of fish collagen peptide

Beauty skin care

Collagen is the main component of the skin. It forms a fine elastic net in the skin, which firmly locks moisture. If the skin lacks collagen, the skin will lose its elasticity and luster, causing spots, wrinkles, etc. Series aging phenomenon. It can keep the skin moisturized at all times, because the substance contains a hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, which can effectively lock in moisture, can nourish the skin, prevent the skin from wrinkles, and can also strengthen the collagen activity in the skin and enhance the blood Circulates to reduce pores and diminish fine lines. After the fish collagen enters the dermal tissue, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, increase the tightness of the skin, prevent the skin from collapsing, and make the skin tight, full and elastic.

Prevent osteoporosis

Bone tissue is composed of two components: organic matter and inorganic matter. Organic matter includes collagen and non-collagen materials. The network structure of more than 90% collagen is very important for maintaining the integrity of bone structure.

When the human body lacks collagen, it will cause calcium loss, which will affect bone density and cause osteoporosis. Therefore, proper replenishment of collagen lost by the body can greatly help prevent osteoporosis and heal bone damage.

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Improve human immunity

The reduction of human collagen can easily cause various uncomfortable symptoms. This is because collagen is widely distributed in various tissues of the human body, such as tendons, cartilage tissues, etc. Therefore, proper amount of collagen supplementation will help strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs of the human body, thereby improving the body\’s immunity.

Secondly, Tiantianhao\’s research and development personnel have discovered that when the body\’s immune cells resist foreign bacteria and viruses, if the human body contains sufficient collagen, the immune cells will react with the collagen and combine to resist the virus.

After macrophages are combined with collagen, they can also increase their phagocytic ability. Collagen can also increase the power of lymphocytes, causing them to continuously decompose to form plasma cells. Plasma cells will gradually produce immunoglobulins. This is a powerful Molecules that are effective in immunity.

The overall improvement of immune functions such as macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells and immunoglobulins will increase the body\’s resistance.

Due to the good nutritional properties, health care properties and processing properties of fish collagen peptides, it has a broad market space, and many functional health products can be developed.

In addition to the above effects, it also has the effects of firming muscles and losing weight. In addition, it also has many effects, such as alleviating body fatigue and enhancing body immunity. In addition, because fish collagen peptides contain substances related to the immune system, they can regulate the body\’s immune function and prevent and improve male reproductive system diseases. It not only promotes the repair of corneal epithelial damage and promotes the growth of corneal epithelial cells, but also has obvious repair effects on burns and tissue damage.

Suitable people for fish collagen

    1. Over 18 years old, unbalanced water and oil secretion, large pores, women/men who are troubled by blackheads, acne marks, and are afraid of aging due to lack of water.
    2. Women over 30 years old, especially after giving birth, have loose and inelastic skin, wrinkles around the eyes, rough skin, dark yellow, and other people who are afraid of aging.
    3. People who use computers: computer radiation causes dull and dull skin. Collagen has good water replenishment and anti-radiation effects.
    4. Men/women who smoke for a long time: Smoking will cause the increase of matrix metalloproteinol in the body. This substance will greatly damage collagen and cause dry skin. It is especially important for smokers to supplement collagen.
    5. Women/men who often stay up late due to high work pressure lack adequate sleep. Dry skin, severe fine lines and dark circles. They need to be supplemented with collagen to promote microcirculation and increase skin hydration.
    6. Menopausal women between 40-50 years old. During menopause, a large amount of collagen is lost, skin tone is uneven, and wrinkles are deepened.
    7. The elderly who need calcium supplementation. Collagen can enhance the absorption of calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

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