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90 year old people are taking this wonder drug, if you want to live longer, it could be the secret to a longer life

In recent years, a new and emphasized efficacy has emerged —- cell regeneration and repair, among which Centella Asiatica Extract has become a hot topic. In natural skin care raw material market, can be called “repair trump card.” Centella extract is one of the more innovative skincare ingredients that are becoming increasingly popular in The Korean beauty industry. It is used in scar repair products and is believed to have the ability to help skin heal and reduce inflammation, according to a report by Mintel.

1. Plant origin

Centella, also known as coppergrass and horseshoe grass, is a perennial herbaceous plant. Centella is produced in India, and is also widely distributed in tropical and subtropical areas. Centella asiatica is mainly distributed in provinces south of the Yangtze River in China. Centella prefers wet, mainly growing in swamps, river Banks, grasslands and other wet places. Centella has been used for more than two thousand years in China, and is also used as skin care in South Africa, Madagascar, India, Southeast Asia and South America.The main active components of Centella asiatica extract that can be used in cosmetics are total asiatica (hydroxy asiatica and asiatica B), Centella oxalic acid and hydroxyl Centella oxalic acid.

2. Product Description

The cosmetics mainly use the dried whole grass of Centella Asiatica, the main active ingredients of which are centuritin, hydroxyl centuritin, snow snow oxalic acid and hydroxyl snow snow oxalic acid.Among them, asiaticoside and hydroxyasiaticoside belong to triterpenoid saponins, and snow snow oxalic acid and hydroxysnow snow oxalic acid belong to triterpenoid acid compounds. In addition, there is another important component of Centromere extract, TECA, which is the mixture of three terpenoids (centroglycosides, snow oxalic acid and hydroxyl snow oxalic acid) in the centromere extract. These ingredients give Centella extract scar healing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic skin care benefits.

3. Functions

Scar revision

Centella asiatica stimulates fibroblast proliferation and activates the SMAD signaling pathway, increasing the production of type I collagen, thus having wound healing activity and reducing the formation of stretch marks. Centella asiatifolia extract has obvious promoting effect on the deposition of extracellular matrix protein, which can promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, increase the synthesis of collagen, reduce the activity of metalloproteinase, and thus increase the deposition of collagen and the level of free proline in cells.

Anti – inflammatory and Anti – allergic

In vitro experiments, TECA was found to inhibit lPS-induced inflammatory responses, effectively reduce IgE levels and release of inflammatory cytokines (IgE can induce mast cell activation and release a variety of allergy mediators, such as cytokines and histamines).TECA has been shown to inactivate macrophages in the skin, thereby reducing skin inflammation and atopic response. Therefore, Centella asiatica extract can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic natural ingredient in skin care products to relieve facial acne, redness, allergy and other symptoms.

Maintaining cardiovascular health

Centella Asiatica, also known as the “Gotu Kola”, is a plant widely used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine. It is mainly grown in southeast Asia and is favored by damp grass or gullies. It has long been used as an antibacterial, antiviral, hypertension prevention, diuretic, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammation. It is suitable for topical and oral applications. Centella extract is suitable for making topical preparations in the form of lotions, gel lotions, gels, oral tablets or capsules. Centella active compounds promote collagen synthesis, regulate inflammation by over-proliferating keratinocytes, and restore the natural stability of the epidermis, as well as increase the density and stability of arterial plaques in atherosclerosis patients. To prevent thrombosis or embolism complications, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.

Memory enhancement

Centella is effective at preserving memory fragments in the brain and promoting cognition, as well as preventing the production of amyloid beta, a protein produced by degeneration of neurons. Centella also reduces cognitive impairment caused by Parkinson’s disease and reduces nerve damage caused by diabetic hyperglycemia. Currently, brain-protecting ingredients are very popular in the health care market, and centella asiatica extract is expected to find more applications.

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