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A Chinese medicine that is often neglected has such a magical effect

Acanthopanax is a blindly ignored Chinese medicinal herbs, it can nourish qi and calm the mind, benefit the kidney and strengthen the waist, dispel wind and dampness, strengthen the spleen, kidney and the heart of the three zang-fu organs, but also can strengthen the brain, fight fatigue, reduce blood sugar, enhance human immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, it is the Chinese medicine Acanthopanax Acanthopanax is the dry root, root stem or stem leaf of Acanthopanax a deciduous shrub of The Family Acanthopanax. The fruit of acanthopanax is not the traditional Chinese medicine.Acanthopanax processing method is to take raw materials, remove impurities after washing, moisten thoroughly into thin slices and then dry.

Acanthopanax is the root, rhizome and leaf of acanthopanax.

According to records, acanthopanax plus medicinal sweet, xin, slightly bitter, warm, has the function of \”tonifying qi and calming the mind, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the waist, activating blood circulation\”.It is often used for spleen deficiency, qi deficiency, kidney deficiency, rheumatism joint pain and other diseases.

1.Acanthopanax has the effect of invigorating the spleen

Spleen deficiency often causes fatigue, poor appetite, and acanthopanax is good at reinforcing the spleen.To regulate the spleen deficiency caused by all the fatigue, mild can be used alone, serious can be combined with astragalus, Codonopsis, atractylodis and other spleen herbs;Regulating the appetite caused by spleen deficiency, often with codonopsis pilosua, Chinese yam, Fried malt.

The spleen mainly transports the water wet, the spleen deficient qi is weak, transports the abnormal, may cause the dropsy.Acanthopanax is added in filling qi while also beneficial to the effect of water dampness, so can treat qi deficiency caused by edema, and often with raw astragalus, Obtained ling, atractyloids with the same, in order to fill qi benefit water detumescence.

2.Acanthopanax has the effect of healing the heart

Deficiency of both the heart and spleen or deficiency of the heart and kidney, loss of mind and nourishment, will lead to palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia, more dreams, forgetfulness.Acanthopanax can strengthen spleen qi, kidney nourishing heart and intelligence calming.The symptoms described above can be used alone, heavier often need to be compatible with other herbs.

For people with deficiency of qi, ginseng can be used to benefit qi, calm the heart and calm the spirit.The heart and spleen are deficient, often with ginseng, Angelica, Fried jujube kernel, etc., to strengthen the spleen and calm the mind;People with deficient heart and kidney are often treated with lotus seed to nourish the kidney and calm the mind.

3.Acanthopanax has the effect of tonifying kidney

The waist is where the kidney is located, and kidney deficiency and weak body can lead to lumbar and knee acid and soft, weak bones and muscles, if the child can lead to bone growth retardation.The function of Acanthopanax is beneficial to strengthen the kidney, strengthen the waist, benefit qi and solidify the base. It is an important medicine for the treatment of kidney deficiency and weak body.It can regulate the kidney deficiency caused by weak waist and knees, bones and muscles weak, a long time can be taken alone, or with Fried Du Zhong, in order to increase the strength of kidney health waist.

To treat bone growth retardation caused by kidney deficiency in children, can also be used alone, or tortoise shell and other drugs, in order to increase the medicinal power of kidney and bone strengthening.

4.Acanthopanax can dispel wind and dampness

Wind, cold, dampness evil invade human body muscle, meridian or joint, can cause rheumatism, joint pain, Chinese medicine says arthralgia syndrome.Acanthopanax is good at promoting blood circulation and removing wind and dampness, so it is often used for wind, cold and dampness bi.Light single use, heavy can be combined with Weilingxian and other drugs to dispel wind dehumidification, dispelling cold in addition to bi.

Although Chinese medicine thorn five adds is good, but also have certain contraindications, its medicinal property sweet, bitter, xin Wen, can hurt Yin to help fire, so Yin deficient fire flourishing person is careful to take.In addition, only symptomatic treatment can achieve its due role, medication needs to be used under the guidance of doctors, abuse of medicinal materials will also cause a burden on the human body.

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