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11 Kinds Of Effects Of Bee Pollen! Too strong!

Bee pollen is known as \”miniature nutrient bank\” and \”concentrated vitamins\”. It contains a variety of nutrients. Its protein content is as high as 30%, and it contains 17 kinds of amino acids. Among them, it contains 8 kinds of amino acids that are necessary for the human body. The content of amino acids is 3-5 times that of beef, eggs and cheese. Bee pollen also contains various types of sugars, fats, inorganic salts, trace elements and vitamins A, B, C, E, K and other nutrients, as well as certain components and antibiotics that delay the aging of human tissues, among which, total lipids The content is 1%-20%, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, 25%-48% in carbohydrates, and pollen polysaccharide has strong immune function and anti-cancer function. The mineral elements in pollen mainly include macroelements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements such as iodine, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel, strontium, barium, yttrium, and selenium.

Bee pollen also contains a variety of active substances, such as flavonoids, nucleic acids, enzymes, organic acids, etc., which can enhance the strength of capillaries and provide sufficient nutritional raw materials for physiological activities. Chlorogenic acid in bee pollen has the functions of strengthening blood vessels and anti-inflammatory; triterpene acid has the functions of strengthening the heart and resisting arteriosclerosis. The most striking thing is that the nucleic acid content in bee pollen is the highest in many foods, which can delay aging and prolong life, especially suitable for the elderly.

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Eleven benefits of bee pollen

Blood lipid lowering

It is proved by the experiment of inducing hyperlipidemia in mice with high-fat food. Bee pollen, like the hypolipidemic drug clotamine, can significantly reduce serum total cholesterol and triacylglycerol; at the same time, it has also been found that rape pollen and corn pollen can significantly reduce cholesterol, triacylglycerol and peroxides in liver tissue induced by high-fat food. content decreased.

Another experiment shows that pollen can not only reduce the concentration of serum myocardial infarction risk factor low-density lipoprotein, but also increase the anti-myocardial infarction risk factor high-density lipoprotein concentration, which is very important for coronary heart patients.

Clinical observations show that bee pollen plays an important role in the treatment of hyperlipidemia, and it is the best food in reducing blood lipid and serum cholesterol. Studies have found that corn pollen has obvious therapeutic effects on the treatment of hyperlipidemia, so the effect of bee pollen is to lower blood lipids.

Anti-prostatic hyperplasia

Animal experiments have shown that bee pollen extract has the effect of enhancing urination in male rabbits, and has inhibiting effect on prostate hyperplasia and subcutaneous inflammatory granuloma in male rats.

Bee pollen extract has obvious inhibitory effect on the growth of normal juvenile mouse prostate and on the hyperplasia of mouse prostate caused by testosterone propionate. It also has a certain inhibitory effect on the inflammation of the rat prostate caused by carrageenan.

Clinical application studies have further confirmed that bee pollen can effectively inhibit and improve prostatic hyperplasia by more than 90%, and the effective rate of treatment of prostatitis is more than 80%. Therefore, bee pollen is regarded as the \”nemesis\” of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. So the effect of bee pollen is anti-prostate hyperplasia.

Regulate endocrine

Mice fed pollen can promote the development of endocrine glands and improve the secretion function of endocrine glands. Therefore, for some diseases caused by endocrine dysfunction, eating bee pollen has a good health care effect.

Bee pollen contains gonadotropins and concentrated hormones that affect sexual function, menopause symptoms, and sperm count and quality. Therefore, the effect of bee pollen is to regulate endocrine.

Enhance memory, improve brain function

Clinical trial studies have shown that taking bee pollen can enhance memory, promote the development of brain cells, enhance the function of the central nervous system, improve the excitability of brain cells, and quickly recover fatigued brain cells.

Bee pollen can also promote the intellectual development of children, and has a good dietary and health care effect on children with mental retardation. Therefore, the effect of bee pollen is to enhance memory and improve brain function.

Prevent constipation

Eating bee pollen can adjust the gastrointestinal function, promote the activities of the digestive tract, increase the colonic tension, enhance the activity, and have a lasting effect.

In some cases, bee pollen can alleviate the most stubborn diarrhea, enteritis, colitis, E. coli infections and other conditions caused by the free reproduction of dangerous pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms in the intestines. Therefore, bee pollen is the A good regulator of tract disorders, some people call bee pollen the \”police\” of the gut. So the effect of bee pollen is to prevent constipation.

Protect the liver

Bee pollen can effectively prevent the evolution of fatty liver in rabbit liver; Codonopsis pollen has obvious inhibitory effect on liver damage in mice, significantly reduces liver steatosis, fights liver necrosis, prevents liver fibrosis, and effectively protects the liver. Clinical application also shows that bee pollen has a certain dietary and health care effect on liver disease. So the effect of bee pollen is to protect the liver.

Enhance hematopoietic function

Animal experiments have shown that bee pollen has a good protective effect on bone marrow hematopoietic damage and can restore its normal hematopoietic function. Bee pollen has a good improvement effect on iron deficiency anemia, vitamin b12 deficiency anemia, and low hemoglobin anemia, and can significantly increase red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin and hemoglobin index. Therefore, the effect of bee pollen is to enhance hematopoietic function.

Promote growth and development

Bee pollen is a natural and completely nutritious food with complete and rich nutrients and many active substances, which can promote growth and development. Corresponding to illness and growth retardation, children with low intelligence and frail children have good dietary and health care effects, so the effect of bee pollen is to promote growth and development.

Anti-fatigue, enhance physical strength

Domestic and foreign scientists have proved that bee pollen can improve athletes\’ physical fitness, improve and improve cardiopulmonary function, increase lung capacity, and enhance athletes\’ physical strength, endurance, explosive power and hypoxia tolerance through the research results of bee pollen on improving athletes\’ athletic ability. Quickly eliminate fatigue and maintain a good competitive state. Therefore, the effect of bee pollen is to resist fatigue and enhance physical strength.


Bee pollen is used as a variety of hypoxia. Experimental research shows that bee pollen can greatly improve the body\’s resistance to hypoxia, and its anti-hypoxia effect is very obvious. The field effect verification of using pollen to prevent acute mountain sickness shows that bee pollen can significantly reduce the effect of altitude sickness. Therefore, bee pollen can be used for the mountain reaction caused by hypoxia, and is suitable for mountain climbers and high-altitude workers. Therefore, the effect of bee pollen is to resist hypoxia.

Calm down

Bee pollen can restore balance, coordination and naturalness to the overall function of the human body, and has a positive adjustment effect on the nervous system. It can calm the nervous system, improve sleep quality, improve the symptoms of neurasthenia, and make anxiety, depression, lack of control and other phenomena disappear. A person\’s mental state is peaceful. So the effect of bee pollen lies in its sedative effect.

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How to eat bee pollen

One is to eat directly, that is, to eat pollen directly, and then take it with warm water not higher than 40°C. This method may be a little uncomfortable at first, but it can be adapted after a few times of consumption. This is the most convenient and simplest method. In addition, there are pollen capsules, pollen tablets, compound pollen preparations, pollen oral liquid and other processed products, which are also directly edible. The second is to mix and eat, that is, mix pollen and honey (or milk) at a ratio of 1:2 to reduce the odor of the original pollen and make the taste good, and then take it with warm water. Some people eat pollen in gruel, which is also very convenient, but it should be noted that the temperature of gruel should not be higher than 40 °C.

Bee pollen consumption time

Practice has shown that the best time to eat is 15-30 minutes before breakfast every day on an empty stomach, because it is easy to absorb on an empty stomach. The therapeutic dose is large, it is best to eat it in 2-3 times, the first time before breakfast, the second or third time 15-30 minutes before lunch or dinner, or once before going to bed. If the stomach feels uncomfortable after taking bee pollen before meals, you can take it within half an hour after meals.

Bee Pollen Consumption Cycle

According to the observation of curative effect at home and abroad, it is necessary to consume pollen for at least 1-2 weeks for treatment. Generally, it should be consumed continuously for 15-30 days as a course of treatment in order to receive better results. Because the therapeutic effect of pollen is relatively slow, it is impossible to get immediate results. . Some intractable or chronic diseases even require continuous consumption for several months or longer. If it is used as a general physical fitness and physical fitness, there is no need to strictly follow the above requirements. Conditional can be eaten often, but the consumption is less.

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